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Class: Story
Status: Complete
Author: Jon Snow
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Book One: Confidential OperationEdit

Chapter 0.1 Edit

We all awoke to the sound of a bugle. Every squadron had their own little cabin, our whole commando base where we all trained was in the middle of the forest in Gnarled Forest. We were around 710 miles of the racing area. We were all agents, commandos, whatever you want to call us; we were like a coffee cup made with water in a coffee shop. We blended in, but secretly we gave a different taste. How did we become agents? The Nexus Force saw excellent fighting skills in us, and offered us a chance.

Chapter 0.2 Edit

I arose from my bed, cleaned myself up, and got ready. I looked at my squad. Murphy, our pilot, was still sleeping. 7op, our navigator, was still snoring it away. Only Crane, our top gun, was awake and ready like me.

"They'll probably get bathroom duty for another week," said Crane.

I chuckled, then got into formation. The General was coming, and there was nothing I could do to wake 7op and Murphy up from a nap.

Chapter 0.3Edit

The door flew open. 'Uh oh' I thought. He looked at 7op and Murphy. "Same as usual" The General said after he looked at me and Crane. "WAKE UP!!!!" he yelled at Murphy and 7op. I flinched. "Five more minutes" 7op whispered. Murphy woke up and said "Alright alright, relax general, I'm up, gee". "Report to the Mess Hall now, mandatory meeting" The General told us, and so we left 7op, who was still in bed, talking about flying sheep from the deep blue sea. We got to the mess hall, and we soon saw why the meeting was important.

Chapter 0.4Edit

Our windows were magnifying glass kind of windows. You could see up to 800 miles away. Maelstrom was climbing up the wall, it wasn't swarming though. "I have picked two squads to go on a mission behind enemy lines. If they don't want to do it, well, you're still going", The General said. "Squadron Delta, and Squadron Barrel". Me and my team were Squadron Delta. "Hey, who's Squadron Barrel?" Crane asked Murphy. "The two newbies, starrocks and bersek". "Why do we have to take the newbies?" Murphy asked. "They need battlefield training".

Chapter 0.5Edit

"Here's the plan" the General said. "You guys carry a bunch of infected chests on your jeep.Dump them all in the middle of the Maelstrom base on the Crux Rock where the Maelstrom originated.This operation is secret, you may not tell anybody.It could jeopardize the mission and the Maelstrom could learn about the attack before it happens. The rest of us will help the Nexus Force and the pirates fight the Maelstrom invading the GF Race Place.How could this help us? In the big picture, it will wipe out many creators of the infected chest, and you know the results."

Chapter 0.6Edit

"Go, we have an estimated 3 days until the pirates and admirals overflow all of the GF Race Place." The General told us. "Roger" I said. This was going to be a hard mission. "Murphy's jeep is packed. It's full of the chests and has supplies and ammo already. You guys need to go ASAP" The General told us. I got into the Jeep passenger seat. Starrocks, Crane, and Bersek in the backseat, and Murphy got into the pilots seat. "Wait, we should go get 7op" Bersek said. "Ill go get him, you guys stay here" I said. I ran to my cabin. "Not good....".

Chapter 0.7Edit

I asked everyone, looked everywhere, 7op was missing. "Sir!" I said after I found the General. "7op is missing! We can't go without him, he's our navigator!" "I will give you guys four hours to look for him, if you dont find him, you must go.Maelstrom have already been sighted by a few pirates. They cannot know about this operation". I ran back to the Jeep. "Guys! We have four hours to look for 7op! Crane, Murphy, go looking north of the forest, Bersek, Star, come with me and we will search the south of the forest. In four hours we regroup here!".

Chapter 0.8Edit

Me, Bersek, and Starrocks went and searched the south of the forest. "I think that's him." Bersek said when he saw a tree shaped like a minifigure. "Not at all Bersek". Starrocks said. "So what do you think you guys did so you could join us?" I asked them. "I could solo all three dragons in less than two minutes" Bersek said. "I went on for two hours straight in survival without one scratch" starrocks said. "I cleared avant gardens temporarily with 7op and Crane." I said. "Do you think 7op was taken?" Bersek asked.

Chapter 0.9Edit

"Maelstrom couldn't have taken 7op, they're not smart enough to know where our base is, not even smart enough to take him so we couldn't go to their base." Starrocks said. We heard a thud. Then a black figure move swiftly with a sword on his hand. "Get your weapons ready" I whispered to my comrades. I heard a whoosh, and instantly I felt a searing pain. A shuriken had been thrown to my leg. "Argh!!!" I screamed. I threw my katana at the figure. I saw it grab it and throw it back. It hit Bersek.

Chapter 1.0Edit

Bersek had a cut in his leg. Starrocks screamed and dropped to the round. They came out of the shadows. They were purple ninjas. Maelstrom Ninjas! They hissed, and then a fourth one appeared. He had a sack over his shoulder. Crane, Murphy, and 7op were inside there. No armor, no weapons, only their clothes. Starrocks got up, screamed, and attacked the ninjas with his sword. A ninja grabbed his sword, did a backflip, and knocked him out. We heard screams from a faraway distance.

Chapter 2, Plan C, Chapter 1.1Edit

The ninjas knocked out me and Bersek. They took us on top of a really tall tree in the forest, where we could see our camp on fire. "I didn't even know the tree was this tall, I mean, it is obviously a giveaway" Starrocks said. A ninja slammed him with the back of a katana. "Hey, where's my jeep?" Murphy asked. "OH COME ON, THEY TOOK MY JEEP TO ESCAPE?! WHERE 700 MILES FROM MAINLAND, HOW CAN I WALK THAT MUCH?!" A ninja slammed him with the back of a dagger. "So uhh.....whatcha gonna do with us?" starrocks asked.

Chapter 1.2Edit

A Samurai walked up to us. He was maelstrom infected, like the ninjas. "You and your commando mini-team isn't gonna stop us from taking over Gnarled Forest. Unlinke most corny TV Shows, I'm not gonna reveal my secret plan. Duh, I mean, in real life, who would do that? Seriously". The Samurai said. "So uhh....why didn't you attack us while we were down there?" Bersek asked. "Oh, you guys are like the best in the commando team, so you guys will get infected and join my top gun team"

Chapter 1.3Edit

"Knock 'em out" The Samurai ordered. When we awoke, we were in the GF Race Place. I looked around, no pirates, no stromlings, no pets, not even the buildings were there. I saw in front of me Murphy's jeep. It was completley crashed. Suddendly, we heard "PLAN B!!!!" followed by the screams of 11 other agents. The ninjas quickly knocked all 11 of them out, and tied them like us. I noticed the General lasted longer than most of them. The Maelstrom ninjas put four chests surrounding our little group.

Chapter 1.4Edit

"Wait, why is everything missing in the GF Race Place?" 7op asked the General. "We made the pirates and animals evacuate, and take all bricks as possible with them" the General replied. I heard a whisper by a fellow agent. "Murphy, distract the Samurai" starrocks told Murphy. Murphy started talking away about car insurance. Then, a lot of fellow agents whispered to each other. "Pass it to the next person" I heard one say. When the General heard it, he said "Time for Plan C". I looked around, we were all aligned in two rows, each back facing the other back.

Chapter 1.5Edit

Suddendly, I felt the rope loosen. I did my best to untie the General. I heard a few of my agents cheer quietly. Murphy was still chatting away that he couldn't choose the right car insurance. Then, one agent got up, and said "Go!" Murphy kicked the samurai a put his foot on his chest, and tied his rope around his neck. Murphy takes the Samurai's weapon and smashed the Samurai. A few agents take rocks and throw them at the ninjas. The ninjas blocked each one and threw them back. "I have an idea!" Murphy said.

Chapter 1.6Edit

Murphy tossed the sword he had taken from the samurai, and threw it to Crane. "They can't attack unless ordered! And they can't defend themselves or rebel against the samurai". "Gotcha" Crane said. Crane slashed all four ninjas and they were smashed. They didn't even try to defend themselves. "Murphy! We still need to get your squadron behind enemy lines!" an agent reminded us. We only had two days and 12 hours left to reach the maelstrom base on the Crux Rock. "Where there bricks in the supplies?" Bersek asks.

Chapter 1.7Edit

"A few, but you should head to the pirate camp, since we can't travel to our own now that your Jeep is ruined". The General said. "Let's each take a bag of supplies and weapons" I said. "Wait, isn't Gnarled Forest overflowing with Maelstrom?" 7op asked. "No, they planned a surprise attack on the agents camp, and said they were gonna attack GF, but that was to distract us" The General said. "It should be easy to travel across, its just one or two kilometers from here, the GF race place, to the pirate camp". Bersek said.

Chapter 1.8Edit

"Each one carry a bag of supplies, we need to hurry, lets go!" I said. My whole Squadron followed me. We ran to the stairs, and I looked around. Admirals were surrounding Nexus Force soldiers and blasting them at the same time. They weren't rebuilding. Pirates overwhelmed Rank One Nexus Force Soldiers. 'They were just starting' I think to myself. "Crane, 7op, Bersek, smash the ape up ahead, Murphy, Starrocks, seal the entrance from the forest to Brig Rock. I'll look for any lost pirates and lead them to the camp". They each did as ordered. Each one of us regrouped at the pirate camp. Starrocks and Murphy had both been wounded. I found two pirates and led them to the camp. 7op and his squad were both fine. We saw our agents follow us into the camp. No Nexus Force soldiers had been there, they had been overwhelmed I guess. I looked at our agents, only 10 of them remained. We went the brick vendor and bought some bricks. No sooner than 50 minutes later, we had a rocket for all of us. But since it was too big it could only go world to world so we had three stops before we landed in the Crux Rock.

Chapter 1.9Edit

We loaded our rocket with supplies. "Castle!" I heard a pirate say, I turned around. "GROVER!" I yelled back. "You ain't leaving without your old friend now are you?" Grover said. My teammates just looked at me, most were shaken up by all that had happened. "Sure, you can come, bring supplies with you though, be ready for fierce battle". And so every single one of us boarded the rocket, as the pirates and the other agents boarded their ship, hoping to escape the Maelstrom that was starting to leak into the camp.

Chapter 2.0Edit

We landed in Nimbus Station. It seemed normal. Nobody seemed to talk about the Maelstrom that was already all over the safe zones in GF. "Alright team, let's head to Crux. Grover, we're on a top-secret mission to save GF before it's too late." I said. "Cooooool" Grover said. Murphy's walkie talkie turned on. "...And it seems they will start invading in two days" a news reporter said. "Gnarled Forest was only a warm up. An expert says that the Maelstrom will overtake all Nexus Force planets in less than a week, and that the Nexus Force will be crushed to bits"

Chapter 3: NS War II Chapter 2.1Edit

Nimbus Station was soon mass chaos. We refueled the ship and headed on to the Crux Prime launch pad. Suddendly, there was a huge earthquake, and ripples opened up in the ground. Thousand of apes started pouring out of each one, smashing all minifigures in sight. "Let's head to the Crux Launch pad!" Starrocks said. We passed by all the stalls, and then had to stop. The Apes had taken out all the Nexus Force in NS except us. They threw huge rocks at us. "Into the building!" Grover said. We got into the building next to the Sentinel stall, surrounded by over 10,000 apes.

Chapter 2.2Edit

"Grover, Crane, and 7op barricade the windows and doors!, Crane, treat starrocks and Murphy's wounds!". I got my rifle out of our supply bags. Pointed it at an ape. ZZZZZZZEK! Down the ape fell. A few spotted me. 'Uh oh' I thought. An ape arm suddendly burst through the window, and then grabbed grover. "AAAAH!" screamed starrocks, and threw a cutlass to the arm. The ape arm only got mad, and started to move his arm all around. He made a huge gap around the window, and and then an ape burst in.

Chapter 2.3Edit

"To the second floor, now!" Crane yelled. I saw it all from the safety of second floor. They took Grover, and then I threw a bunch of daggers and the ape. Grover was free, and he ran to second floor. Murphy and Starrocks were both carried by 7op and Bersek. We sealed the little door leading from second floor to main floor. I was really shaken up. I looked at my watch. 2 days left. I looked around. Murphy and Starrocks both looked very bad. "You need rest" Bersek told them. 7op looked beat up, Crane looked scared, and Grover looked shocked.

Chapter 2.4Edit

We all took out a can of food and ate it. "Everyone, go to sleep, ill keep watch for half the night and then wake Crane so I can rest". Nobody argued, or said anything. They went to the third floor to sleep. I looked around with the nighttime binoculars I had brough. I saw two Nexus Force soldiers, hiding in the other building besides us. I closed my eyes when the apes burst through their doors and infected them. I then saw the "Venture Explorer II" flying overhead. It had met the same fate with Maelstrom as the original.

Chapter 2.5Edit

I took Murphy's walkie-talkie and checked in with the General. "Castle reporting in" I said. The General answered after five minutes. "You on your way to Crux Rock yet?" he said. "We had a little problem during the NS attack" I told him. "Well you better figure it out. I'm not lost at sea with a bunch of root-beer singing pirates and 10 agents just because you had a 'little problem'" he snapped at me. "We're pretty close to the crux launch pad. I was just checking in if we could help Nexus Force soldiers if we encountered any?"

Chapter 2.6Edit

I listen to the General for five more minutes, and turn off the walkie-talkie. I try to make contact with the ninjas in FV, no dice. The sentinel base in Avant Gardens, They were hiding underground the monument, only 30 of them. I check in Crux Prime. No responses. "They used the Gnarled Forest attack as a decoy." I heard Crane, who I thought was awake. "They distracted us, and then launched a massive attack that would smash 99% of the minifigure population. They made other minifigures not able to rebuild". He sounded like he didn't want to keep going.

Chapter 2.7Edit

We only slept like 3 hours last night. Both me and Crane got no sleep. We ate our can of food and then, we got the idea. We would use spare bricks to make a bridge from here to the race place. We figured it was the only place not overflowing. Murphy built all of it, while we rebuilded his jeep, and put it into big chunks to be reassembled quickly. After two hours of work, we got onto the bridge and landed in the race place, only to see a surprise waiting for us. 20 Dragons were waiting for us. And the moment we all landed, a million fireballs hurled our way.

Chapter 2.8Edit

We hurried towards the Crux Prime launchpad. Murphy reassembled the ship while Crane distracted the dragons. "Everyone, take one at a time!" Me, Grover, Bersek, Starrocks, and 7op each took on a dragon. 7op was hit severely, and could not walk. A dragon got close to him and prepared to eat him. "I had a good run" said 7op, when Bersek jumped in with his katana and smashed the dragon. Soon, all dragons where defeated, and all of us had taken severe hits. Then, our worst fears were confirmed.

Chapter 2.9Edit

All I could do was look. Murphy got into the ship. "Get on everyone!" he yelled. I could barely walk, and the rest of us were barely unsmashed. I had no armor left, and my health was only on three now. Everyone else had five health left. MILLIONS of apes burst into the race place. It was a nightmare. I saw Bersek fill up his armor and health. "Go, now". He held off the apes, but they surrounded him. Starrocks crawled to the ship, barely making it. I carried 7op with all my strenght, he couldn't walk. Grover limped to the spaceship, and we saw Bersek get smashed.

Chapter 3.0Edit

We mourned for Bersek a few minutes. Then, the apes locked on to us. "Step on it!" Starrocks screamed. Murphy pedaled it and in a few minutes we were out of orbit. 1 day and 7 hours left. We were quiet most of the trip. "Heal, and eat" I told everyone as I handed them notion potions, armor gleems, and cherries. I reloaded my rifle. "In Crux things will be three times as difficult" I heard Crane tell 7op. An hour later we landed in Crux Prime, and saw it was turned into a wasteland.

Chapter 4: Infiltration, Chapter 3.1Edit

We landed in Crux Prime. Sentinel Point Zeta was just a pile of bricks now. The pilot in the shield thing was no more. We hurried over ot the dojo, avoiding the millions of Maelstrom overflowing all over the place. We all put on quicksicles to avoid them. When we arrived to the dojo, it was horrible. Skeletons had just completley overflowed the place. They had left though, but the evidence was still there. One door was closed, as if the sensei tried to close them but was not fast enough. Suddendly Murphy's walkie-talkie turned on "You on Crux Rock yet?"

Chapter 3.2Edit

Murphy grabbed the walkie-talkie. "GENERAL! YOU'RE ALIVE! OH THANK THE DONUTS YOU'RE OKAY!" "I said, you guys on the Crux Rock yet? You have one day and five hours left until all Nexus Force is wiped out from all the planets. There's barely remnants left!" The General said over the walkie-talkie. "There was a slight problem" Starrocks said into the walkie-talkie. "We lost Bersek, and we're not sure where the launch pad is from here to the Crux Rock". "I know where it is" the General said.

Chapter 3.3Edit

"You need to go behind Butterscorch, and then defeat the five elite dragons guarding the only way to the Crux Rock" the General said. "Get there, now" Murphy turned off the walkie talkie and put it in one of the three remaining supply sack. We reassembled Murphy's jeep and got in it. Murphy went 140 miles per hour and we got to Butterscorch area quickly and avoided most attacks. We deassembled it again and put it in the sack. "Alright, you-you and-" starrocks was cut off by a rain of fireballs

Chapter 3.4Edit

They rained like meteors. One hit one of the three little islands making the way to the dragon. "Look out!" screamed 7op as one was about to fall on starrocks. 7op pushed him out of the way and then he rolled away. "Shield yourselves!" I said as I threw at everyone a Riot Shield. Each one covered themselves and then the dragon whacked Crane. Crane rolled all the way to the edge of the small rock and was about to fall but he hung on with one hand.

Chapter 3.5Edit

"Murphy, help Crane!" I yelled. Murphy did so, but he got a surprise. A few meters of ground were just imploding, from inside. The debris was hitting us. Then, we saw. One of the five elite dragons was attacking us with fireballs from below. BOOM! Murphy went flying and got knocked out. Then I saw, the little Butterscorch island was ripping open. "Starrocks, help Murphy!" I looked around for Grover and 7op. 7op had one health and one armor left. Grover was going to Crane to help him. Then, we got another unpleasant surprise.

Chapter 3.6Edit

A dragon grabbed 7op and Grover with his paws. Wait a minute- I counted the dragons. There was TWO BUTTERSCORCHES and the elite dragon attacking us. "Murphy! Crane! Starrocks! Attack the flying Butterscorch!" I yelled. They all threw swords, cutlasses, and daggers at the flying butterscorch. Half it's armor was down. 7op bit the dragons paw and climbed up to his neck. Then, he grabbed a Big One and smashed the flying Butterscorch. We cheered, but it was short-lasted.

Chapter 3.7Edit

The Elite Dragon revealed itself from under the rock. Butterscorch and him both fired showers of fireballs at us. 7op and Grover both fell from the smashed flying butterscorch. They were both knocked out on impact. "Crane, Murphy, 7op, attack the elite dragon!" I yelled "Grover, Starrocks! Help me smash the butterscorch." "Grover! distract it! Castle, attack it directly while I smash his neck!" starrocks said. We did so, and a minute later, butterscorch was smashed. Our partners had the same story. We cheered loudly.

Chapter 3.8Edit

We still had to defeat the other four elite dragons waiting for us at the Crux Rock launchpad. "Come on guys" I said. We hopped from rock to rock. "Alright, Starrocks, Crane, Grover and I will distract a dragon each one of us. 7op will watch Murphy's back while he gets the ship ready" "Roger!" everyone said. I took out my rifle and got ready for battle as everyone else took out their sword, pistol, or cutlass. Then, we were in the launchpad rock. All four dragons were massive. They were twice the size of a normal one, and were wearing head and body armor.

Chapter 3.9Edit

7op jumped on top of one dragon. "For Rome!" Murphy screamed as he fired his automatic rifle at a dragon. The dragon fell in seconds. 7op made the other dragon fall too. Then, the other two dragons fired flames all over Grover, and he banished. Starrocks screamed, and dropped to the ground. Crane and Murphy both quit their current jobs and attacked one dragon. 7op and I attacked the other. Both elite dragons fired a rain of fireballs at starrocks. He rolled away from each one. Murphy and Crane both defeated their dragon, and came to help us defeat out dragon.

Chapter 4.0Edit

We fought and defeated the last dragons, We had almost no health left. Murphy then set up the ship. "Come on, we got exactly only one day left" I told the others. I looked around our group. Murphy looked beat. Starrocks looked scared. 7op looked confident. Crane just looked sad. I was nervous. We then blasted off to the Crux Rock.

THUD! We all awoke to the shatter of windows and the creaking of the ship.

Chapter 5: Lazerfight, Chapter 4.1Edit

We heard the door thud. The windows were being broken, and our whole ship creaked. "What is that?" Crane asked. "We've reached our destination" Starrocks said. CRASH! An admiral, and two pirate guards rushed in. Then, a few more admirals rushed in, with several pirates, and a big ape behind them. All of us cowered in our chair, while we saw them approach us in the mirror. The ape sniffed the air, and then grabbed Murphy. He screamed. "ATTACK!" I yelled. Everyone took out daggers and threw them at the ape. He brushed them off and then grunted.

Chapter 4.2Edit

The admirals looked at the ape, and then at us. They muttered something and the pirates approached us while the Ape boarded his ship again. The pirates cornered Crane as he took out his pistol. The admirals cornered me and 7op. I looked around for starrocks. He was hiding behind the door. Starrocks grabbed both his pistols and fired at the admirals. Crane took his pistol and fired the five pirates surrounding him. Right then, me and 7op took out our swords and attacked the remaining admirals. "Crawling on the roof is hard" starrocks said.

Chapter 4.3Edit

The ape looked at us right before closing his hangar door, as if impressed. He threw Murphy at the ground, he groaned. His hangar door closed and he started the close off from the ship. "Wait a minute, who was that, and who's going to drive the ship now that Murphy is gone?!" Crane screamed. I pushed the button that said "Close Hangar Doors". "Crane, put it on autopilot." I told him. He did as asked, and then the other ship broke off. When you could see all of it, it was a masterpiece. Then, I realized something horrible. "Uh oh" I heard 7op say.

Chapter 4.4Edit

Their ship was huge. Sleek, about two miles long and half a mile wide. We lost our breaths when we saw the pilots. Grim Daisho, the Ronin Leader, and Jesse, our corrupted ex-secret agent. The Ape tied up Murphy and seemed to be talking to him. Murphy seemed to try to talk his way out of it. Then, we saw something worse. "The Warhead"-their ship, was a SPACE THUG SHIP. Not a Maelstrom ship. I checked my watch. 18 hours left to get to the Crux Rock. "We gotta rescue Murphy, and fast" Crane said.

Chapter 4.5Edit

We threw a huge chain with a hook in the end to board "The Warhead." "Let's hope they don't fire their huge turrets at us" Starrocks said. Crane was the first to cross. He put on his space helmet and crossed the chain to "The Warhead". He landed right next to the front entrance. Starrocks and I both crossed soon after. 7op closed our ship's doors and crossed. We safely reached their ship. Then, CRASH! Our ship crashed into a stray asteroid. "Well, we will need to take this ship over" said 7op. Crane started trying to open "The Warhead."'s doors.

Chapter 4.6Edit

Crane cracked the door open. "Duck and cover!" I screamed. We all dropped to the ground. No lasers, no traps, not a hammer swinging from the roof. We walked in. Crane closed the doors behind us. "LOOK OUT!" Crane screamed. He grabbed me, 7op, and starrocks to the ground. Shuriken swung from one wall to the other. Lots of them. Then, we saw Murphy, at the end of the hallway, tied up. "Murphy!" 7op yelled. He ran towards him avoiding the flames, lasers, and shuriken. Murphy seemed to be worried. Then, behind us, we heard a thud.

Chapter 4.7Edit

Jesse, our old comrade, and Grim Daisho were behind us. I smiled. Jesse looked beat. He had a scar over both his eyes. One of his hands was a hook. He grabbed his sword and swung it at me. I kicked him in the other hand, and then Grim Daisho slashed me right in the leg. I screamed in pain. Starrocks fired his rifle at Grim Daisho. Crane threw daggers at Jesse. Jesse avoided them all and threw firecrackers at us. I laid in the floor groaning in pain, while my teammates were outmatched.

Chapter 4.8Edit

Jesse grabbed his elite long barrel blaster and fired lasers at both Crane and Starrocks. They were both in huge pain like me. 7op freed Murphy and gave him a sword, while Jesse went to attack them, and Grim Daisho was finishing Jesse's job. Suddendly, other lasers came out of nowhere. They landed on Grim Daisho just as he was going to give the last slash to Starrocks. It was a minifigure, no arm, scarred legs, no helmets or protection, just an elite long barrel blaster. 7op and Murphy both attacked Jesse, while the minifigure treated our wounds.

Chapter 4.9Edit

"You can help us win a huge victory against the Maelstrom" Murphy told Jesse, as they battled an epic sword fight. "Maelstrom is our friend!" Jesse said, in a raspy voice. His face was half purple. Murphy screamed as he fell to the ground. "JOIN US, THERE IS NO HOPE" Jesse yelled as he slashed Murphy. Jesse attacked Murphy severely. Then, BAM. The minifigure who was helping us fired a laser at Jesse's head. Only the purple side. The goo, which was purple, leaped out. It shrieked. Then, it leaped on to the minifigure.

Chapter 5.0Edit

Jesse seemed different. He seemed happier. The scars over his eyes disappeared. The purple goo leaped over to the minifigure. "No!" Jesse screamed. Murphy grabbed him so he wouldn't get infected. "CRAWL BACK!" Crane told me and Starrocks, who were still harmed. "SupremeSpaceSmirk! Why?!" The Minifigure turned into a stromling. Starrocks threw a dagger at the Stromling and it vanished. "Jesse, can we borrow your ship?" Crane asked. "I already know where you're going, we're on our way" he replied.

Chapter 6: The Great Raid, Chapter 5-1Edit

"How did you know?" Crane asked. "Well, back when I was still infected, I learned you guys where going to the Crux Rock, I was headed there to warn the Maelstrom Council". Jesse replied. "Why did you escape?" 7op asked. "I didn't think there was hope, so I joined the Space Thugs. Unfortunatley, they infected me. Now, in the uprising that happened over the last two days, I think we're pretty much cursed." Jesse said. "We still got one bag of supplies right guys?" I asked. Murphy had one. "We better hurry" Starrocks said. "15 hours left" I said.

Chapter 5.2Edit

We eventually all ate, went to the bathroom, and took at two hour nap. I laughed. We had 13 hours left to score a huge victory against the Maelstrom. We were all beat. No way we were going to do this. An hour later, only 12 hours away from the deadline, we arrived at the Crux Rock. It was huge. Imagine a cave ceiling, now imagine just the spiky things on top, now imagine it facing up, not down. Just like that, but purple. And thousands of them, maybe millions. Purple goo running through everywhere. Soldiers and admirals running among all this chaos.

Chapter 5.3Edit

Did I already say the Maelstrom we're swarming all over the place? Well, they were. It was like one purple wave. Then, I saw. In one very tall spike-building was The Spider boss, Baron Typhonous (A purple one), and the Darkitect. Then, in a white, shiny ord, Baron Typhonous. The creator of the Maelstrom. Our ship hovered above it. "Alright, let's deploy" Jesse said. "Me, Murphy, and Crane will deploy and distract the guards, Jesse, 7op, and Starrocks, stay here and fire ALL our turrets at the three leaders" I said.

Chapter 5.4Edit

Murphy, Crane, and I put on our parachutes. I opened one of "The Warhead."'s doors. I nodded towards Crane and Murphy, and then jumped. I didn't feel any wind at ALL. Crane leaned towards the tower, Murphy and I did the same. We found a little gap. "THROUGH THERE!" Murphy said. I slipped through the gap in the tower. So did Crane, but Murphy got stuck. We both laughed at him. Murphy laughed. "Alright, now help me get out". Crane grabbed his hands and pulled. We were through, inside the tower. POP! Murphy was in now.

Chapter 5.5Edit

We looked around for a way to the top. Crane must have read my mind. "We don't need to go to the top, we can just set up our treasure chests to go off." Crane said. Suddendly, we heard small crashes, and thuds. I looked through the gap. The Squad back at the team started shooting the tower. Then, we heard footsteps. Stromlings were coming. "CRANE, MURPHY, SET UP THE MAELSTROM CHESTS LEFT" I screamed. I was nervous, tired, weak. The Stromlings burst through the door. I slashed like crazy, and they fell.

Chapter 5.6Edit

I had no idea they were smashed, I just swung my sword like crazy. "One chest set up!" Murphy said. "Another one set up!" Crane said a few seconds later. I closed the door in which Stromlings had come in. The other Stromlings running amok didn't notice us. I took Murphy's walkie-talkie. "Jesse, we're going to need you down here in about maybe an hour." I said. "No problem, just let me clear the skies a bit more" he said. I hadn't noticed, but Maelstrom ships were also in the battle, trying to shoot down "The Warhead."

Chapter 5.7Edit

The Spider Boss shot some spiderwebs at "The Warhead." I looked at the Darkitect. It smirked at me, chuckled a little. Then, a huge spike came out of the ground. CRASH! It crossed straight through "The Warhead." I looked through the windows. 7op was screaming. Starrocks passed out, and Jesse just chuckled. Maelstrom started to surround "The Warhead." and started to make holes to walk in. I looked up to the Darkitect, he smiled at his brand new statue. Just then, Murphy and Crane finished setting up the Maelstrom Chests.

Chapter 5.8Edit

I looked at my watch. SIX HOURS LEFT. Did it really take them THAT long to set up the Maelstrom Chests? Murphy signaled at me, and I followed. Crane ran behind us. We ran out of the room. "One hour until it explodes." Crane told us. I saw 7op slide down the spike. Starrocks did the same, and Jesse jumped out, landed without an injury. "How did you-" said Crane after Jesse jumped out and we had met up. He was interrupted my millions of stromlings attack us. "Rebuild the jeep, we'll hold off the Stromlings!" I told Crane.

Chapter 5.9Edit

Crane started to rebuild the jeep, while Jesse, Starrocks, Murphy, 7op, and I held off the Stormlings. We surrounded the jeep with our backs facing the jeep. SLASH! SLASH SLASH! Stromlings fell by the second. "It's rebuilt! Get on!" Crane said. We all followed, and so did stromlings. I looked up at the tower with the Maelstrom Infected Chests. "Half and hour until the maelstrom chests go off!" Murphy said, excitedly. I looked up at the top of the tower, where the Darkitect, the Baron, and the Spider Boss were looking at us.

Chapter 6.0Edit

They seemed to vanish for a moment. Then, I saw behind them, trapped in an orb, the Baron Typhonous, the one smashed by the spiderling (or consumed) was in there. He seemed weak, hopeless even. 7op met my view. "We should save him, you know" he said. "I wish we could, but first, let's rebuild the galaxy first." Up ahead, we spotted three apes. They threw rocks, but these were different. They were made out of lava. They each threw one at the jeep, and then, everything went black.

Chapter 7: The Orb, Chapter 6.1Edit

I awoke, then I looked at my fellow commandos. All still knocked out. I promise I heard Murphy hum "The Lazy Song." The Spider Boss walked up to us. He grunted. The Darkitect smiled. Starrocks woke up. He saw the Baron up close, and he got scared and got knocked out again. I laughed, and the Spider Boss leaned close to me. I kicked him, and so did he. "You kicked me harder!" I said. Murphy woke up "Today I don't feel like doing anythi-" Murphy said. "I'm guessing we're doomed?" "Yep" I said. I looked around. Guarded, everywhere.

Chapter 6.2Edit

Elite Stormlings, all tough like Tali Reeko. How many of them? Around 15. I looked at Starrocks, 7op, and Crane. All knocked out. Murphy was just humming. Then, 7op woke up too. The Baron whispered something to the Darkitect. The Darkitect smirked, at he put his hands together. Suddendly, two elite stormlings brought some purple goo at the Darkitect's hand. The Darkitect dropped it to the ground, and the purple goo seemed to look around, and then he looked at me. "He gonna infect you" Murphy said.

Chapter 6.3Edit

The purple goo leaped at me, and I kicked it. Did I mention we were tied up? I was scared, I reached for a dagger or something in my pocket. No weapons. The purple goo ran towards me. "How much time until the Maelstrom Chests go off?" I asked Murphy "One hour..." Murphy said as he looked at his watch. The goo jumped at my face. 7op started banging his head against mine, and the purple goo got stuck between us, and we smashed it. "Uh oh..." said 7op as he saw 50 more of them walking up to us. Jesse laughed. "BRING IT ON!" he said.

Chapter 6.4Edit

Jesse started kicking them. The Baron laughed at us. I looked inside at the orb that had the original Baron in it. He was pointing at Jesse's hook. I got an idea. "Jesse, use your hook and start cutting the ropes" I told him. "Half an hour left until they go off" Murphy said. I felt the ropes around my wrist loosen. "Yes! You got it dude!" I said, a bit too loud. The Darkitect looked at us, and at the goo trying to infect us we were so hopelessy resisting. He laughed. "Seriously, is all you three do is laugh or something?" Murphy said.

Chapter 6.5Edit

"We're free" I cheered in a whisper, as I saw all of our ropes and knots had been loosened. "COME ON!" I screamed, and then we attacked. I kicked the spider boss right on the skull. 7op and Starrocks both wrestled the Darkitect, while Murphy and Crane both distracted the Baron, while Jesse was freeing the real Baron. The Spider Boss knocked me down, and started shooting spiderwebs at me. 7op and Starrocks knocked out the Darkitect, as so did they knock out the Baron. "TEN MINUTES GUYS! LET'S GO!" Said Murphy, forgetting me.

Chapter 6.6Edit

7op, Murphy and Jesse cleared out the guards, while Starrocks distracted the Spider Boss, and Crane freed me. We improvised, and make a car out of spare bricks. As we drove away, we felt the tower explode, as fragments flew out everywhere. But we were still stranded. "How do we get out now?" Jesse asked, when we arrived to the peak of a mountain. Everyone shook their heads. Then, we saw a blue minifigure lying by. It wasn't a Mythran..... IT WAS THE REAL BARON. He was knocked out, just lying on the ground.

Chapter 6.7Edit

We walked up to him. "Come on." I told 7op. We grabbed the Baron, and carried it to the peak of the mountain. We looked down, and a lot of Maelstrom was trying to climb up. We would be outnumbered, outmatched, and smashed in a few minutes. "We're doomed, for the millionth time" Murphy said. Then, three minutes later, they saw two helicopters arrive. They started shooting missiles at the Maelstrom. The Maelstrom started shooting up missiles. "Wait a minute-who called them?" asked Starrocks.

Chapter 6.8Edit

A couple hours later, when the Maelstrom was clear enough, a few soldiers got out. They were the only Resistance left. "We recieved your distress call" said one of the soldiers to Murphy. "But my walkie-talkie is right-" he didn't find it. "Aw man! I left it at the tower." "We still got saved thanks to you, Murphy." Jesse said. "Now, who wants to clear out the infested worlds with us, and rebuild the Nexus Force?" asked one soldier. "Deal" I said. And so we got on the helicopter, to restart peace and order.

Chapter 6.9Edit

A few hours later, we arrived in the ruins of Nimbus Station. "Let's get to clearing" said the co-pilot in the helicopter we were in. All soldiers were deployed, and the helicopter helped too. We spent two months clearing out all of Nimbus Station.

"Where are the other agents and the General now?" I asked Murphy. "Let's call them" Murphy replied. 

"This is Resistance Y-98, Let's take back Gnarled Forest!" said a pilot, as we flew to the horizon.

Chapter 7.0Edit

We flew to Gnarled Forest, and as soon as we entered it's atmosphere, we spotted a small raft. It had two pirates, The General, and three agents. They signaled to us. The other helicopter picked them up. The General looked at us and smiled, as if saying "Good Job soldiers." In about three weeks we took back Gnarled Forest, because it was an easier ground to fight in. "Let's take back Forbidden Valley" said Murphy. Then, trouble hit. One of the fighters from back in Crux started shooting our helicopter. "Man, do these things give up?" 7op asked.

Chapter 8: The Beginning, Chapter 7.1Edit

The fighter started to shoot our ship, and both helicopters aimed at it. "FIRE!" yelled both pilots as they started to shoot down the fighter. "Oh man...." said our co-pilot as he saw his rearview mirror. A whole wave of fighters were coming. "FLY AWAY!" said the pilot of the other helicopter. Then, our help came. A bunch of pirates ran to the pirate camp and aimed their pistols and rifles at the fighters. "Fire!" Said Cap'n Jack Knife. A few fighters fell, and hundreds were hit. The helicopters turned around and started shooting as many as possible.

Chapter 7.2Edit

In a matter of hours, all the fighters had either retreated or gotten destroyed. "Good luck!" Captain Jack Knife said, as we headed to Avant Gardens.

When we got there, it was the same as it was before. We landed the Sentinel Camp. "We got rid of them ourselves" said Melodie Foxtrot. "I heard in Forbidden Vallery all the small resistances teamed up and pushed the Maelstrom as back as possible as it was before. "Let's go rebuild the torn planets." said Jesse.

Chapter 7.3Edit

(3 Years later) I walked on the New Nimbus Station. That's what we decided to do, just put "New" in front of the original names of all planets. We stood in front of the statues in the New Nimbus Station, honoring all our fallen comrades in the short war. My team saluted each other, and we all left on our own paths. THE END.