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  • Cmgmvg

    I'm still here

    September 23, 2013 by Cmgmvg

    If anyone is still around, I'm still here, though I'm not to active. Lately I've jut been itching to write something else about Whisper. Maybe a Chima story arc? Any suggestions?

    Here's my flickr, I may post some more General Whisper stuff soon.

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  • Sannse

    Hi all,

    Somehow I missed that this wiki was part of the Wikimedia fork. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to you about it before it happened. But, what's done is done, and now I want to look to the future.

    This wiki will be remaining open, and available for anyone to edit. Over time, I hope that it will revive and thrive again.

    In order to help this wiki revive, it needs to be allowed to follow it's own path without connection to the fork. That means removing the advertising banner, restoring the main page, and doing anything else that is necessary to make this a working wiki again. I'll be making some of those changes shortly, and working with any remaining or future community for the rest.

    For those that have left, the main thing I as…

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  • SirComputer

    I am pleased to announce LEGO Stories Wiki is open and LEGO Universe Stories Wiki has moved! Please edit your stories there. If your story has not been moved, please contact an admin on our Brickimedia wiki to have it moved.

    The journey has been long; it continues even better. Join us at for more great stories alongside Ninjago stories and eventually a lot more other LEGO theme-based stories.

    Thank you,

    SirComputer and ShermanTheMythran

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  • SirComputer

    LEGO Universe Stories Wiki and Ninjago Stories Wiki have now moved to LEGO Stories Wiki on Brickimedia. All stories are now being imported to and being given the prefix/namespace 'LEGO Universe:'. Thank you for joining us on Wikia, it has been great, but now it is time for us to move onto our own self-hosted wiki!

    Thank you,

    SirComputer (Owner of former Ninjago Stories Wiki) and ShermanTheMythran (Owner of former LEGO Universe Stories Wiki), co-owners of LEGO Stories Wiki

    Hello, I'm SirComputer, owner of the merging/forking wiki of LUSW (Ninjago Stories Wiki), as you may or may not know. If you don't know about us switching to Brickimedia, here's an update to get you up to speed: we've planned to merge together …

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  • New Dalek Paradigm

    Hello, everyone!

    I've got some important announcements to make. But, quickly, before I begin... For those of you who don't know me, I'm TheNightwing44, an Administrator on here. Sorry, haven't exactly been on in awhile, been busy working on a game project and other things! But, I'm back and writing again.

    Anyways, I'd just like to let you all know that the Wiki's owner, Sherman, won't be on for the next 2 - 3 weeks. He has some extremely important things to take care of, I believe, regarding some utmost important violin things. I feel bad, I never actually got to wish him good luck or anything, I kind of diconnected on him halfway through our conversation.

    I'll be taking charge for the next few weeks. If there's anything you need help with …

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  • ZackaryX

    An End to the Tale

    January 8, 2013 by ZackaryX

    Well, sorry, but I missed the post on Sunday. I absolutely needed one this week, though, so here it is.

    As most of you should know, this week, on Friday, January the 11th, I will be releasing the rewrite of my most famous story, Truths of the Universe!!! It will be titled The Truths of the Universe: An End to the Tale, and you will be able to find the source link, once the topic is allowed. The original post, this Friday, will contain the Author's Foreword. Then, once it's up, I'll post the prologue in parts, and continue from there!!!

    Now, all this week, on my original Truths of the Universe topic on the message boards, for which I can give no link at the moment, I will be releasing various things all this week, three of which have already…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    Happy New Year!

    January 4, 2013 by ShermanTheMythran

    I know this is a few days late, but I was waiting for the server to cache the most recent information about monthly edits. Anyone who has checked the main page or the monthly news will have noticed that we, in fact, did not reach two hundred pages. But we had a HUGE jump. As far as mainspace goes, we nearly doubled our page count. This, in itself, is incredible. And while we did not reach two hundred pages, we got to one hundred and fifty (at the time of writing, current count at ) mainspace pages, and with the unneeded and spammy pages weeded out, we can only go up from there! So enjoy the new year, everyone, both on and off the wiki!

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  • ZackaryX

    New Poster

    December 27, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Well, to everyone out there, this is my Frostivus present to all of you. Mostly for people who are fans of my story. But it's a new... STORY POSTER!!! Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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    The fight against the Maelstrom has been raging for some time, so as a reward to the brave minifigs of the Nexus Force, the faction leaders agreed to officially celebrate the holidays this year.  Every minifig on each world would be officially given the day off, and invited to the Nexus Tower.

    The preparations went underway.  Hael Storm had set off to Avant Gardens to find one of the best trees they had there.  Dr Overbuild started designing the presents; each one would be specially made for each minifig.  Duke Exeter took charge over the Nexus Tower kitchens.  It was a little known fact that he spends some of his free time practicing with new recipes.

    Vanda had only more recently discovered the story of Santa.  Instead of running around getting t…

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  • ZackaryX

    Merry Frostivus!

    December 24, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Phew, it has been a looooong time since I made a blog post on here. But I've made a lot of progress in that time. I finished editing and importing the following stories from the Message Boards.

    A Hero Rising

    Imagination Infection

    A Six Sided Fate

    Also, Sherman and I went through and replaced the majority of the faulty links in stories with new ones that actually work. That took quite a bit.

    Also, once again, in case any of you guys missed it, I had a special story that's actually relates to my main story, TotU:AEttT for Halloween. It's quite short, and called Deep Sleep: Hallow's Eve. Go check it out... if you dare!

    Now, in the time since my last post, I've also managed to finish The Journey to the Nexus! I'm already prepared for January 11th, th…

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  • New Dalek Paradigm

    Hey, everyone!

    It's been quite some time since I was last on here. I've been away due to prior commitment to a game project I'm working on, called the LEGO TARDIS Adventures. However, I just can't stay away from this place forever, I just love writing fanfiction too much.

    For those of you who joined and don't know me, I'm TheNightwing44, one of the oldest active users here (apart from Sherman). I used to be called a name you may recognize as AwesomeMe44, but I've long forgotten that account. Yes, I know, I have a tendency of not finishing my stories...

    This time it will be different. I give you my word. And if I don't finish it, you have my permission to never read a chapter of mine again.

    It's called Balance, and it'll be out Friday!


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  • Good.Enough Venson

    Okay, not really sure if this is the right place to put a discussion, but I wanted to talk with ya'll about making our job a little easier. Copying and pasting stories from the LU Message Boards is trying at best, and has the potential to be a pretty bad experiance. So I propose building a program that does that job for us.

    Aaaand once again, just as I sit down to write a blog, I get called for Once... Sooo, if you have any ideas while I am away, post them, and I will get back here and finish my shpiel(spelling?) after dinner.

    Until then,

    -Good Venson

    Okay, this is how I am thinking; if I were to make the tool myself, it would be a desktop app, and that would limit it's use to the few of us who want to go to the trouble of copying stories over…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    Attention all LUSW members! We have recently posted a topic on the new LEGO Messageboards pertaining to the wiki! We encourage you to like it, reply to it, show it some love, and bring in some new editors! This is our chance to really grow! We'll be able to expand our library into unprecedented numbers, if we get more editors. So here's my challenge: can we, or can we not, nearly double our page count by Christmas? That's right, folks, we're marching our way to 200 pages! Our work is cut out for us, let's import everything we can! Don't forget to use Source mode when you're pasting, so the oddball LMBs formatting doesn't tag along. I know we can do this, the LU fanfics must live on!

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  • ZackaryX

    New Message Boards

    November 13, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Sorry, this post is a day late.

    So, as you all know, the new Message Boards have come out! I'm liking them so far (keeping an optimistic outlook), but I'm not sure how I feel about the new jammers. They just don't really work too well. shrug I really think that was a wasted opportunity for the moderators to put in a much more effective jammer system.

    I'm nearly done with The Journey to the Nexus, hopefully will finish it tonight. Then Paradox Seceding will be done hopefully by the end of the month, and The Fall of Typhonus before I release the rewrite to the public. I've gotten some feedback, and I suppose that so far, the story's looking quite good! I hope you guys all like it when it's released.

    There will be character tryouts for the Truths of t…

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  • ZackaryX


    November 5, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Last Wednesday was, of course, Halloween! As I promised, I came out with a special Halloween short story, which was called Deep Sleep: Hallow's Eve. I'm not sure whether it's good or not, so still waiting for some input on the ending.

    For Halloween, I was a Ranger, from the book series Ranger's Apprentice. I walked around with my actualy bow and my cloak, and it was pretty cool.

    We have no school tomorrow or on Tuesday, so I'm ready to stay up late tonight working on Truths of the Universe. I plan to finish The Journey to the Nexus by Tuesday, and at least start work on Paradox Seceding.

    Right now, I am at my grandparents house in Virginia, so I have tons of time to chillax, write stories, listen to music, eat candy, whatever I want.

    Also, som…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2012 by ShermanTheMythran

    Many people don't celebrate this holiday, including myself, so to these people: try to enjoy the pranks and themed celebration of nothing in particular with your friends, and just have a great time! To the vast majority of people who do celebrate, I have nothing better to say than happy Halloween! To those of you who haven't heard the seasonal music on the main page, you may want to do so before the holiday ends. Remember, November 1 we revert back Darkitect Glass to Nexus Glass, so enjoy the creepiness while it lasts!

    Before I close, I just want to highlight two special Halloween-themed stories to watch out for on the wiki: Deep Sleep: Hallow's Eve and Phantoms and Things! You might want to check them out when you get the chance! Lastly, sta…

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  • ZackaryX


    October 29, 2012 by ZackaryX

    It has been a while since I've made a blog post, hasn't it? Alright, well, lots to talk about! Let's start with the official business.

    I will now be posting a blog post once a week, every Sunday.

    The multiwriter competition for Landscape has ended! Here are the results, along with the prizes.

    Honorary Mention- An excerpt from a list of specific stories I give you.

    gabe90126: 63% agentsky1022: 80% TURBOBUILD23: 63%

    Fifth Place- Same as Honorary Mention, but you can choose an excerpt from a list of all books I'm writing in the Timeline of the Umbra Imperium, including some secret stories that no one, not even my own family knows about.

    PinguBonScott: 83%

    Fourth Place- Same as fifth place.

    007tad: 96%

    Third Place- Same as fourth pla…

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  • ProfArchibaldHale


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  • ZackaryX

    About Me- ZackaryX

    October 27, 2012 by ZackaryX

    My Life

    A long time ago, on the middle day of the middle month, the 15th of June, 1998, a young baby was born in Provo, Utah. He was there for two months, and then flew off to Virginia, and has never been back to Utah to this day.

    That baby would be me. My older sister and I were both born in Provo Utah, where our parents were going to college at Brigham Young University. I was actually born right after they finished college, so then we flew to Virginia after I was born to live with my grandparents for about a year.

    About a year later, when I was around one year old, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Here, we lived in an apartment for about two year. This I remember. Afterwards, we moved to our own house in Charlotte, and when I turned f…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    I am proud to announce that the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki has officially partnered up with the LEGO Message Boards Wiki! Why has this happened? Well, for one, each others' communities could mingle. Exchange of users, messages, and ideas most always leads to good things. Secondly, most of our stories originated on the official LEGO Messageboards, and it only seems fitting. So, if you have the time, you may want to go and check out their wiki! Hopefully, we'll have a few new visitors as well, so be friendly! To close, I'd simply like to say welcome, LEGO Message Boards Wiki!

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    I'm actually working on my own LEGO games thingy, and it's going to be awesome! When I'm done, I'm going to play it with my family and friends. If that works, then I'll modify it for the wiki and let you guys play!

    Well, down to my personality (I left it out on the other blog). I tend to be silent in a public environment, and only talk openly in that social "loudmouth" way around good friends.

    Everybody who knows me really good recognizes me as a good leader (not that many people). In situations that require a strong leader, I step up. Some people are just really good followers. When I get in a group, I step up as the leader. If there's something wrong, then I figure it out. If I can't, then I go to the "higher-ups". I am tall, and people …

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  • ZackaryX

    Alkuaineen Tera

    October 14, 2012 by ZackaryX

    So, guess what I found today?

    ... My first post on the message boards!

    Here it is, right here.

    It was when I started my very first story (yep, my first post ever was part of a story ), which was about BIONICLE stuff. I'm actually writing a real-life version of it, and hoping to get it published.

    So, I will be giving you guys a story for Halloween, a short little horror story. Hope you guys will like it.

    I just got back from a fall festival, which was tons of fun. I got to hang out with my friends, and we partied, and danced, and had hot chocolate, and rode on hay bales.

    So, I think I might do a Get to Know Me in my next post. What do you guys think?


    Todays shoutout goes to....


    Cassius was one my first fans, too, and I believe is a…

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    About Me

    October 12, 2012 by ShermanTheMythran

    It's my turn now, I think, Good and Turbo already had theirs done. I did one of these way back in June 2011. But that's kind of unfair so here I go again.

    Name is Christopher, 14 years old. Fifteen come the 27th of this month. I played LU from its last week of ßETA onward. LU got released officially October 26, 2010, I received a copy for my birthday the next day, and I officially played LU v1.0 for the first time the following day: October 28, 2010. But these memories are the kind that burn holes in your head after what happened, so I'll move on.

    I'm a violinist by trade, been at it for 6 years now. Which means I've been playing piano for 7 and been composing for 5. I call a piece of rural eastern Pennsylvania my home. I am the proud owner…

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  • ZackaryX


    October 11, 2012 by ZackaryX

    As I may have mentioned before, my favorite sport is parkour. It's a ton of fun. But it takes a lot of working out to do it, and that takes time off my schedule, which can get annoying sometimes. Another thing I love to do is shooting arrows; I have a wooden recurve bow, 28 inch draw-length, 29 pound draw weight. And I saw a trailer for the show Arrow, off of Green Arrow, where the main character is shooting arrows, and apparently doing parkour. So now I wanna watch that show.

    Lately with the competition for Landscape, I posted the prizes for if you win, and I've had several more people enter. It's all seeming pretty great right now!

    Me and Turbo are also doing really good with Brothers in Arms; we got a ton planned out in our last chat, a…

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  • ZackaryX


    October 9, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Today, I'm simply going to give you all a little story that happened on chat today. No shoutouts or anything. Just this long story, for anyone who ever be bothered to read the whole story.

    Jediliam01 .Peat, are you on Steam, by any chance? I need a bit of help. :P

    7:59 Legobrickelijah Bye from chat

    7:59 Jediliam01 Bye LBE. :(

    7:59 Legobrickelijah I`m gonna watch LOTR

    7:59 Jediliam01 Cool. :P

    7:59 Fishfam See ya! Come back more often!

    7:59 Brick963 Who made .Peat turn into a TS??? :@

    7:59 RePeat What is Steam? :p

    7:59 Gslover1 That's a hard question Diglett. I want to come back, but I really don't have a reason to.

    8:00 RePeat Peat? :p

    Welcome to the Lego Message Boards Wiki chat. Be sure to follow the rules!

    8:00 RePeat Gslover

    8:00 Jediliam01 .Peat, a…

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  • ZackaryX

    Contest Entries

    October 7, 2012 by ZackaryX

    So far, I've had a grand total of two author enter into the Multiwriter competition for Landscape. But I'm not really worried; it's only been, like, two days. So far, both entries have been good. My dad gave each a percentage score on how good they were.

    Me and Turbo finally got to plan out some more stuff on the Brothers in Arms rewrite. It's gonna be really good.

    Today's Sunday, and I've got practically no homework, so I'll finally get to work on TotU:AEttT some more! Finally. I'm still concentrating on going in-depth with characters; I'd say the relationship between Vanda and Hael so far is one of the best character interaction-thingys I've made.

    In about two or three weeks, I'm gonna have character tryouts for TotU:AEttT. But don't worr…

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    Once, in a land named Pinehurst, North Carolina, a boy was born. He was named Tyler.

    At a young age, he understood older concepts, such as stuff that's too boring to mention.

    Now, he's determined to win over a girl named Emma. But that's for another private chat.

    To the fun stuff!

    I've only lived in two houses: one in Pinehurst, and one in Carthage. The one that I live in currently, the one in Carthage, has a huge field around it, along with a pond in the back. Awesome, right? I mowed my field on a zero-turn for the first time today, and made plenty of circles in the field.

    Not really enough interesting things to talk about for now... Oh! I've got something for you!

    Fun Fact: I'm really 11. My parents said that I could have an account, and just…

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  • ZackaryX


    October 5, 2012 by ZackaryX

    As I have announced before, the competition for my multi-writer story begins later today, October the 5th! Any interested in participating, look for a topic titled "Multi-Writer Auditions: Landscape", posted by ZackaryX. It'll be my first Post-game Era story written, and I really like the idea of it. It also ties in with Truths of the Universe; it takes place during the events in the Demon King Chronicles, actually.

    Speaking of interlinked stories, I've been looking around my stories and others, and I realized that several of my stories are connected. Like The Glitchman and the Guardian happens in the Truths of the Universe series, some time in between Paradox Seceding and The Fall of Typhonus. Servant of Shadows happens several years before Truth…

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  • ZackaryX


    October 2, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Okay, everyone, so the multi-writer contest I was talking about will be this very Friday on the message boards!

    Look for the topic "Multi-Writer Auditions: Landscape", posted by me. I'd love to see some of you guys try out for the story. It'll be a Post-Game Era story, which oughta be interesting, as while literally over three quarters of the Truths of the Universe series is in Post-Game Era, I never actually managed to get that far. So, it'll also be my first story taking place in the future! Technically.

    I have gained orders from The Shermy , and apparently, I now will be editing pages to death when I have the time. So, yes.

    Also, if any of you guys ever need to talk to me about something on chat, like story-planning, or a job you need me…

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  • Good.Enough Venson

    Hi all, as I am sitting here, I have realized that Once (As in a spanish eleven, not "once apon a time"... It's the name of an evening meal, but... I'll get to that later.) is being served, and that I will have to cut this short... I'll be back in an hour or two to complete this post, but until then, bye!

    Okay, I am back, and ready to talk. Let's see... *finger tips tap rythmmically on keyboard as thoughts slowly form into sentences*

    Well, to start off, I consider myself to be an Idahoan, although only about a third of my life has been spent there. I have lived in Oklahoma, Washington, and Wisconsin to name a few states, but never a one have I liked so much as Idaho. With its sunny summer, its sunny winter, and lots of snow to shovel for hal…

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  • ZackaryX

    Ice Cream

    October 1, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Have any of you guys ever noticed just how delicious ice cream is? It's so good. Especially with my mom's homemade strawberry sauce. And a brownie. And M&Ms. And hot fudge sauce. As you guys may be able to tell, I had ice cream just before I wrote this blog post.

    So, by the way, guys, if you don't already, I would seriously encourage you to look at the News section at the bottom of the front page. It's informative, and, well, news. Sherman, is there anything you need me to do to help with the stuff on there? Finishing up the wiki to open it to the MBs? Page ratings, the walkthrough, whatever, just tell me what to do. bow

    By the way, is any of you want to know how far I'm getting along so far in the rewrite, if we go by the standard of what …

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  • ZackaryX


    September 29, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Hey, wasup bros? Imma gangsta today! Yo!

    Alright, now to get down to beeswaxystuff (business ), as you can probably tell, I started looked ahead for this story. And I've come out with a schedule for it.

    Release Dates

    Friday, January the 11th, 2013: The Journey to the Nexus

    Sunday, February the 17th, 2013: Paradox Seceding

    Wednesday, March the 27th, 2013: The Fall of Typhonus

    Thursday, May the 2nd, 2013: Legend of the Baying Wolf

    Saturday, June the 8th, 2013: The Demon King

    Monday, July the 15th, 2013: The Ruins of Nexus Tower

    Tuesday, August the 20th, 2013: The Agency

    Thursday, September the 26th, 2013: The Return of the Demon King, Part I

    Sunday, November the 3rd, 2013: The Return of the Demon King, Part II

    Monday, December the 9th, 2013: Hael Storm

    Wednesday, …

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  • ZackaryX

    New Goals

    September 28, 2012 by ZackaryX

    By the way, guys, that new system I set up (three blog posts a week). It's not gonna work for me. I'll just post a blog post whenever I have the time and stuff to write.

    I've set a few new goals with Truths of the Universe: An End to the Tale (which will in this blog be referred to as TotU:AEttT from now on ). I'm hoping to finish The Journey to the Nexus by this Saturday, and hopefully finish Paradox Seceding by the Saturday right after that or the one two weeks after.

    Okay, even though the holiday season is still a month or so away, I've already got things planned and everything. So for here, I'll be posting some things about upcoming holidays.

    Up next is one of my favorites: Halloween! This year I'm gonna be a Ranger, from the book series…

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    The TTS Times

    September 27, 2012 by TurboTheSetinel

    Okay, so this is my second blog post. I thought about making it a news thingy, and that I did. But due to random activity, these posts are going to be random.

    First off, I'll be doing segments. Here I go.

    Quote of the day: "Mr. Shore, somebody left a clogger!". I chose this because my friend stepped into the bathroom for ten seconds and stepped out. We had just gotten back from lunch, the second class in fact. The other ones were getting back for the start of fourth period, when boom; he said that as loud as could be. The teacher was in the room, and the quote was in vain.

    Activity: Eh, school, homework and typing this right now. Fun P.E. today, I must say. One of the only two teams to win ultimate frisbee.

    Girls: I'm a boy, not much advice I …

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    I got bored, so now there's a theme. Enjoy!

    LEGO Universe Stories Wiki Themepack

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 only

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  • ZackaryX


    September 27, 2012 by ZackaryX

    So, I haven't been able to post on this blog lately, and I figured out that I won't really be able to post much on weekdays. So, updating you guys on the new system, There will be a blog post three times a week, every Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday. Not that it really matters to you guys, you can read them whenever you want.

    So, there's been a few slight changes, in terms of my rewrite of Truths of the Universe. The release date has been moved to January the 11th now, from January the 13th, as apparently my calculations were off. January the 11th is a Friday, and a new moon, so as it signifies the restart of the moon cycle, it is also the restart of my story.

    I've been showing the rewrite to a few friends that I know in real life. Actually…

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  • ZackaryX


    September 24, 2012 by ZackaryX

    Sigh. Well, I haven't been able to meet my deadline of finishing The Journey to the Nexus by today. Apparently, there was some huge after church thing that took like, two hours, so I didn't get home until around 6:30. Then, appartently, that's when our mom had planned for us to watch a movie we'd had recorded for a while. I mean, we've had it recorded for like, a month or so! And it just had to be tonight to watch it.

    Also, today, I was trying to calm down a bunch of little kids, so I told them it storytime, and they all came running (they like my stories). One of the girl's fists were flailing, she hit me in the face, and I got a bloody nose. We went through, like, five sheets of paper towels, each covered in blood. Fortunately, it didn't …

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  • ZackaryX


    September 22, 2012 by ZackaryX

    'Ello, everyone! I'll be usually this blog regularly now. Sometimes I'll be reviewing stories here, other times posting progress on my own stories. So... let's get started, then, eh?

    Today, so far, I've changed my status picture (amazing, it's always been the Headless Horseman. ) I've also been working a lot on my rewrite for my most famous story, Truths of the Universe. I've begun to set myself deadlines! I have to finish book one by... tomorrow! So, I'll be working hard on that for most of today.

    JSYK, through this blog, the people of the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki will get a heads up several weeks before I do anything on the message boards that's significant. So, pretty soon, I'm going to have auditions for a multi-writer. Not a brand new…

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    First Blog Post

    September 14, 2012 by TurboTheSetinel

    Hi! I've decided out of all of the wikis that I considered to start this on, this was the one.

    I've never done a Blog Post before, so here I go.

    After returning to the wiki, I realized that Zackary had been editing some. This delighted me. Sadly, barely anyone has been on because of school. But I'm waiting for January 13th. Don't let me down, Zack.

    Also, I noticed and read the wiki's September news. I must complement the person who though up the new look of the wiki. It looks nice. And as I also may have implied before, I also agree that this is a slow month for the wiki.

    I know that this is awkward, but this is also my first Blog Post. Give me credit.

    For now, this is TTS (Who has a typo in his name).

    And yes, that is the wrong the template fo…

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  • Roseann Shadowflame

    It's called Solemn Hours. Here, lemme go fish for the first two chapters and the prolouge on the LEGO Messageboards....

    Twilight falls upon the baren Wasteland. The wind howling through the cities, down chimney's, the stars of night glimmering in the sky, the moon covered by the misty clouds. The doors pulling open and shutting, as if ghosts lurked through the stores, as if the entire place was alive and filled with life again. Cold, cruel, stinging rain sometimes pummeled down on the ground, while the smell of stale, crusty pastries haunted the streets. The tall buildings looming down, abandoned warehouses, the green-tinted sky, all perfect for a nightmare. The ominous, empty buildings were all grey, different from the bright colors they u…

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  • Wyvern2111

    There's a story (written by me) based on a passage (written by Sherman) about the Shermans and the Realms of Insanity, where they live. No, I don't live there; I live in the Realms of Awesome. Check my main page - it even says so.

    Sherm did funny scripty thingies with the codes and stuff and made it so that . It won't let me tell you? Dang. You'll have to see for yourself.

    I give you the work of two geniuses. Me, and my little brother. Mostly me, but he did some things too. But enough blather; here's the link already.

    Click it. Read it. Enjoy it. Then comment.

    The enjoyment part is non-negotiable. And comment here, not there.

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  • Wyvern2111


    August 30, 2012 by Wyvern2111

    I get a blog? Cool!

    I will post an actual post when I am finished posting edits on the other posty-thing. Which reminds me, I must remember to pick up more Post-its.....

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    News Update

    August 29, 2012 by ShermanTheMythran

    Hello again, everyone, I know it has been a while since the last blog post; unfortunately, there hasn't really been anything to update about! Well now, we have a HUGE update! First, a bulk of the new stylesheet is complete. Essentially the wiki looks MAJORLY different. If anyone remembers the old font and the purple/yellow color scheme, many will agree that the current look is æons better. But the news doesn't end there!

    Recently, Wikia announced that there will be a new official forum system, which is desperately needed here, ever since the surprisingly nice makeshift system that was set up fell apart when the software was updated. That will be coming within two months, any more info is currently not available to me.

    The Abandoned Stories A…

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  • ProfArchibaldHale

    Dang Wikia.

    August 14, 2012 by ProfArchibaldHale

    I forgot how much I hated Wikia. Love the code's easiness, BUT WHY DOES NOTHING THEY DO WORK!?

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  • Legofan613

    Week of 8.5.12 (AA)

    August 7, 2012 by Legofan613

    The original plans showed ["The Attack"] as a trilogy. Due to recent breakthroughs, however, the series must be extended to five books. Book One takes place on Earth, Book Two takes place on Earth and LU, Books Three and Four are on -{CENSORED}-, and Book Five is on -{CENSORED}-.

    As you can see from the characters list [found here], three characters are missing from the list until all slots are filled. They will be filled if nobody fills them by the start of Book Five!

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  • Legofan613

    Earth is in danger! The Darkitect is attempting to cross into Earth with his Maelstrom army, and Earth's last chance crosses the line to stop the Darkitect on the other side! Will Sam, Kastia, Dave, and all the friends they make across the way be able to stop him, before it's too late? Find out at!

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  • Legofan613

    Welcome to the Legofan Log! You'll notice when flipping through here that there are different categories of blog posts. This post will guide you through these categories.

    If the post title is "[Name of Post] (LL)", such as this one, it is an LL Info Center. These posts will give you the latest updates on how this blog's running. This is the only category which does not have signed posts.

    Welcome to the Legofan Log

    If the post title is "[Name of Post] (AA)", it is news from the Attack Anouncements. These posts can all be found together in two places: the index below, and The Attack's page. In the index below, the news articles are grouped by week, so keep checking back there. On The Attack's page, you'll find them sorted individually. (One pos…

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  • Boyde712

    Well, here's the good news:

    I've finished formatting Power so that it now has a complete table of contents at the top of the page!

    Bad news:

    In the process of copying and pasting, a lot of my formatting has been removed. Fixing that is my next task.

    Anyway, I'm on school holidays now, so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

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  • ShermanTheMythran

    Well, it's been a long break. Music recitals mostly, but I've been pretty busy, then the break was extended with err... certain technical difficulties. Which mean if I want to access the wiki, it will be through my extremely slow computer. Anyways, it seems that editing has made a bit of a comeback while I was gone, we hit 100 pages, both other admins came back, AND dot dot dot... if you've been paying any attention at all to the wiki updates (L&G@LUSW) on the wiki activity and main page, the wiki will be getting a new stylesheet. The new color scheme will consist of Nexus Force navy and white in a glass-like overlay, look for it this summer! Will be sharing more as time goes on. Anyways, glad to be back, and look forward to working here wi…

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  • ProfArchibaldHale

    100th Story!

    June 21, 2012 by ProfArchibaldHale

    Hey guys! We should be celebrating! There are now 100 pages on this Wiki! Happy 100 pages!

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