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Crux Prime AdventureEdit

Welcome to the Crux Prime Adventure! You have landed on Crux Prime. You have been there several times before, but want to do some work smashing Maelstrom. Your main goal is to defeat the dragon, Butterscorch!


You arrive at Sentinel Point Zeta. What will you do?

(AB) Start attacking some Dark Ronin Invaders.

AC Run to help a group of minifigures fight off a swarm of Stromling Invaders.

AD Move on to a new location.


You smash the Dark Ronin Invaders, but you see a Maelstrom Horseman Invader in front of you. What do you do?

BA Attack it.

BB Run away!


You defeat all of the Stromling Invaders. The other three minifigures want to form a team with you. Do you accept or decline?

BC Accept.

BD Decline.


Where should you go?

BE Rivendark Canyon

BF Studburst Pass


You begin to attack the Maelstrom Horseman Invader, but you can't seem to defeat him. The damage from the Dark Ronin Invaders hurt you a lot. Now what will you do?

CA Continue battling the Horseman.

CB Run away!


The Horseman Invader chases after you and smashes you.

You have lost. Restart at AA.


You join up with the three other minifigures in a team. Suddenly, three Dark Spiderling Invaders approach your team. They are slow, and you can escape to build a sheild. What will you do?

CC Attack the Spiderlings!

CD Start building a sheild.


You have made it through Sentinel Point Zeta. Where will you go now?

BE Rivendark Canyon

BF Studburst Pass


As soon as you go into Rivendark Canyon, your way is blocked by five Stromling Mech Invaders. Do you fight them?

CE Fight them!

CG Run away!


You arrive in Studburst Pass. What do you do?

CH Visit Heimlich Stewblaster.

CI Go to Caldera Mar.

CJ Go to Aura Mar.


You have defeated the Maelstrom Horseman Invader! You are getting tired. What do you do?

CH Visit Heimlich Stewblaster at Studburst Pass.

D1 Go to Rivendark Canyon.

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