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A Christmas CarolA Day in the Life of Talia Sneeko: Avant Gardens StromlingA Hero Rising
A New JourneyA Powerful DArkness on the HorizonA Six Sided Fate
Adventures of AdventurousAfterscoreAlexander Smith
Alone in Space and TimeAn Elite Joyful Hero's BeginningAn Enemy in the Shadows: The Rise of the Darkitect
Apprentice of ImaginationAscentAvant Gardens Adventure
AwakeningBehind Enemy LinesBlank Page
Blox News - A ComedyBlue ImaginiteBob: The Story of the Most Important NPC Ever
BrickGyver: A ParodyBrothers in ArmsCast Away
Crux Origins: The First Crux WarsCrux Prime AdventureCrux Station
Dagg: the Creation of a HeroDark SpyralDeep Sleep: Hallow's Eve
Demo StoryDemonsightDon't Go Back to LU...
Duke Exeter and the Great Minifigure LossEpic Adventure: The HackerEpic Adventure: The Pet Cove Incident
Faction Backgrounds and BiographiesFaction WarFading Fast
FanfigsFighting ShadowsForces of the Maelstrom
Four Fools: A ComedyFreedom Comes CostlyFull Circle
Galaxy LostHeroes to the EndI Fought the Mythran
Imagination CallingImagination InfectionInfiltrator: The Month When Nexus Tower Was Sieged
Into the Universe: Hezekiah's TaleIt Didn't Happen - The Universe LivesJourney
Keepers of the PastLEGO Universe: A ComedyLEGO Universe: The Return
LEGO Universe: When Worlds CollideLEGO Universe 1: Beware the BrickLEGO Universe Stories Wiki
Legacy of HeroesLegend of the Master BuildersLego Universe The Past Wars!
Legofanchertsey: An AdventureMinifigure CalazMoments with Bob
My Story blog, The Underground.Mythran MayhemNebula
No Man's Land: the Tale of LustorParadoxParadox 2: Battle on Ryol
PerilPerpetual DoomPhantoms and Things
Pirates vs NinjasPowerPower II: Dawn of Eternity
Power StruggleRebellionRed FireField
Return of the MaelstromRise of EvilRise of a Sentinel
Scattered DreamSeeking a LegendServant of Darkness
Servant of ShadowsShadow's JourneyShadow Searcher
Sky Lane, Hero of the Venture LeagueSpecial OperationsSpider Boss Adventure
Tales from the AftermathTeam KittenThatch Gears: The Story of an Inventor
The Ancient History of Forbidden ValleyThe Ancient Man- A Short StoryThe Attack: An LU Action-Comedy
The AwakeningThe Battle for LEGO Universe: The Epic RewriteThe Battle for LEGO Universe - A Trilogy
The Battle of Nexus CityThe Battle of PhoenixThe Battle of Sharp Island
The Battle of light and darknessThe BeginningThe Beginning of the End
The Blue BladesThe Broken SlaveThe Calling
The Catastrophic ChroniclesThe Chronicles of AtlasThe Dark Apprentice
The Dark MythranThe Darkest NightThe Disaster at Longbrick Academy
The EndThe End of LEGO UniverseThe End of The Universe
The Faction Heroes: a Story About Four FriendsThe Fall of the NexusThe Figdroids!
The First Builders Part One: The Imagimeter ShardsThe Force and LUThe Glitchman and the Guardian
The Heroes of NexusThe Imagination KoiThe Journey of Vanda Darkflame
The Legend of the HybridThe Maelstrom Trilogy: Part 1 - Maelstrom RisingThe Maelstrom Trilogy: Part 2 - Nexus Collapsing
The Maelstrom Trilogy: Part 3 - The Final StrikeThe MailmanThe Master Forge Saga
The Mythran MakersThe NetherThe Nexus: Assembly's Call
The Nexus EmpireThe Nexus PoetThe Nexus Saga: The Beginning
The Nightfall IncidentThe Nightfall Incident: The RewriteThe Ordinary Man
The Other ForceThe Past, Present, and FutureThe Path of Fate
The Rhoddwr MarwolaethThe Rise of the FallThe Search
The Second Evil: Part 1 - An Army GatheringThe Secret of The FoundersThe Secrets of the Oyfae
The Sign of the FalsohkThe Story of TomThe Truths of the Universe: An End to the Tale
The Typhonus ChroniclesThe Unbiased Story of the Battle for LU: A Stromling's PerspectiveThe Unknown
The VoidThe Void EmpireTruths of the Universe: The Beginning
TurboBrick: The Epic SagaUndaunted - A Story of BraveryVanda Darkflame: Mysteries of the Paradox Leader
War of ImaginationWhat REALLY Happened to the Venture ExplorerɌiftbreaker
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