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Class: Story
Status: Pending
Author: Rguy3
Availability: Phantoms and Things is exclusive to this wiki!
Author's Notes: I'm writing this story here because I think it may be just a little dark for the MBs. Nothing too scary, I don't roll like that. I thought maybe since the villain was a little bit unhinged, he wouldn't go down well. Spoiler: He isn't even that crazy, as it will turn out. Expect some soon!


The knight walked down the tunnel. There was a series of them underneath Nexus Tower. Unfortunatley, Darrel Templar had lost his map. He stumbled through the dimly lit corridors, wishing he could find a stairwell, or a bathroom. He'd really like a bathroom right about now. Ten minutes past. As far as he could figure. He turned another corner. Someone was standing there with his back to him. "Hello there," he said. "Do you have a map of this place? I'm kinda lost." The minifigure turned slowly. "You lost too?" Darrel asked him. The figure at the end of the tunnel had wild black hair, and a mad grin. He lifted his hand. Darrel was picked off the ground by an invisible hand and hit the wall, falling to the floor. The crazy one advanced. Another telekinetic wave picked him up and threw him. Darrel didn't waste time running. He bolted back the way he came.

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