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This is made in collaboration with Reshouk Notice: The Characters and Plot are fictional apart from the main two Minifigs (me, Khathran, and my friend, Reshouk) and are all in certain Factions, so they'll be listed here. Edit

Assembly: Blackbrick

Sentinel: Reshouk

Venture League: Sentrak

Paradox: Khathran

Chapter 1: AwakeningEdit

Rees Earch walked forward, he didn't remember much, he used to do something, with Maelstrom. He worked with someone...Wisp Lee! That was it, Wisp Lee. Then something happened. Explosions, violet smoke, a giant spider. That was five years ago. He thought, Rees couldn't remember much. It didn't matter now anyway. Now he served the Darkitect, he had a blade jutting out of his half rotten arm. He hated minifigures, they kept smashing him, it hurt, he didn't like it. Luckily The Darkitect rebuilt him, over and over again, along with his brothers, except he didn't. When he was a minifigure he smashed and then put himself back together, but as a Stromling when he smashed he reformed, his essence merging back together and bricks forming out of nowhere. Then he crawled out of the ground and carried on. Then one day he didn't come back to the green fields. When he crawled out of the ground he found himself in a rocky wasteland and he was glowing brighter. He felt stronger than before, but then so where the minifigures to. Then the minifigures disappeared, it was amazing, he was stronger, he worked on destroying that annoying pillar of light in the middle of, of, Croox Prim? It didn't matter what it was called. Because only five minutes ago he had felt a great pain and he knew the minifigures were back, he was angry, very angry. But then he saw the pillar of light and thought that they had finally destroyed it, but then he realised it just had a huge hole in it. He saw a minifigure in the distance and was consumed by rage. Rees Earch slowly began lumbering towards Khathran.

Khathran tried out the controls, he moved forwards, then backwards, then he fired a blast from his Paradox Blaster. It was amazing, he could feel a sensation in his legs as he moved and a jolt in his arm as he fired the blaster, it was as though he had been given an extra sense. He was still there pressing the keys on the keyboard, but at the same time he was in LEGO Universe, responding to the keystrokes. Then Khathran had and idea. He moved his mouse in a way he couldn't remember, double tapped the spacebar, clicked the mouse, pressed the forward button, moved his mouse in another way he couldn't explain and pressed alt. At the same time Khathran also threw his blaster in the air, jumped, caught it in midair, did a forward roll and shot the air; something impossible to do in LU. Khathran smiled, this would be fun. Then he saw a Stromling slowly walking towards him. Khathran ran up to him. The Stromling was surprised to see the minifigure run up to him and hesitated. In that moment Khathran ran up to it, pointed pushed his blaster into it's forehead. In a moment that made Khathran know that he was truly back in LU and filled him with a sense of joy and pleasure. Khathran pulled the trigger.

Chapter 2: InfectionEdit

Vanda was in a dark place, purple wisps of smoke drifted towards her like comforting hands and she felt desperately tired. She wondered how nice it would be to lie in those arms and fall asleep, she knew that that they would take care of her and look after her and control her and, and... There was something wrong, the mist was bad for some reason, but why? It wouldn't hurt her, it just wanted to join with her and help her and. No the mist, no the Maelstrom. Was bad, but WHY? She knew a Maelstrom was a large, horrible storm that sucked people into the sea, but why would this Maelstrom do that? She saw a familiar face, Baron Typhonus, her mentor, her friend. But then something else happened, she remembered half skeletal beings with monstrous tools jutting out of their arm. She had to get away, away from that chaotic mess. As far away as possible.

Vanda forced her eyes open and jumped to her feet, she was in a dark cavern with Stromling Invaders staring at her. They weren't attacking her for some reason. Then she looked down and saw one of her feet was melting away to reveal a small skeletal toe. Vanda knew that it wouldn't be just a toe soon. "Nonononononono." There was only one thing to do. In one swift moment she drew her twin Paradox Katanas and ran into the crowd of Stromlings.

As soon as she swung her swords and cut the first Stromling Invader in half they all started swarming her. She sliced off one of the legs of a pirate and cut off its head, ducking beneath a ronin katana she thrust a sword through the mist that made up its body and into its stone head, as it clattered to the floor Vanda jumped up and spun, cutting off several heads with her helicopter technique. She cut off the blaster arm of a Mech and stabbed the gap that was left, cutting off the supply of power and causing the mech to self destruct. An admiral swung its anchor at her but she caught it in her katana and pulled the startled admiral towards her, stabbing it through the chest. She jumped over a swinging horseman spear and slid underneath the horse, slicing the bones of its chest as she went under before charging through the fallen ronin. A stromling swung its sword at her but she ducked and knocked it away. Her katanas met pirate claws and bent them to the side before kicking of its head. Vanda jumped in the air and plunged her blades into the ground, scattering invaders everywhere. As she ducked to the ground she swung her feet in a circle, tripping several stromlings. She put away one of her katanas and started shooting bolts of energy out of the empty hand, clearing a path.

To her dismay she found that beyond the swarms of stromlings were swarms of mini-bosses. She dodged out of the way of a spiderling's missiles and sliced off its legs before finishing it off with a bolt of Paradox Energy to the face to finish it off. A group of stromlings were swatted away by a Stromling Ape that lumbered towards Vanda. She started charging towards it, slicing through all the boulders it through at her; she ducked and jumped over its grasping hands and as it started smashing the ground making a mini earthquake she jumped high into the air and plunged her swords into its neck, causing its head to fall off and entire body to smash. Vanda then found herself surrounded by a gang of bosses. At her front was ED-902, to her left was Gull Rawstew behind her was Muffet Bane and on her right was Grim Daisho. Vanda redrew her second sword and gritted her teeth.

Grim Daisho glided towards Vanda and slashed at her. Instantly Vanda flipped backwards into the air and tried to stab Grim in the head but it dodged out of the way before she had the chance. As she landed ED-902 started firing at her. Spinning out of the way she was targeted by Muffet Bane's web, as she slashed through it Gull Rawstew stabbed at her with his claws, she caught them in one of her katanas and using the other one she stabbed at his head but was blocked by Grim Daisho. They both started swiping at her with their respective weapons and as she blocked them with her katanas ED-902 started firing at her. Ducking beneath the blasts she rolled away from the two swordsmen and swiped upwards at the Mech Invader. ED-902 dodged out of the way but was not quick enough to stop one of his arms and legs being cut off. As it toppled to one side Muffet Bane fired its missiles at Vanda. Vanda jumped over the missiles, landing on one, then the other and then launching herself towards the named Spiderling her katanas pointed in front of her. Muffet Bane quickly jumped backwards and as Vanda landed she was charged at on both sides by Daisho and Rawstew. Vanda stepped backwards and thrust her swords forwards, the two Stromlings got their blades tangled up and a katana thrust through their head, smashing them both. She sidestepped two blasts from ED-902 and Muffet Bane. Vanda threw a katana at the fallen mech boss, unable to move it writhed helplessly on the ground before being smashed. Vanda grasped her other katana tightly in both hands, facing Muffet Bane. As the Spiderling boss reared up on its hind legs, preparing to stomp Vanda, she jumped into the air, slicing through two missiles. Vanda landed on the Spiderling's head and plunged her sword into the Maelstrom jelly that made up its head. This would have smashed most spiderlings but instead just aggravated the more resistant Muffet Bane. Once again Muffet Bane reared up on its hind legs, throwing Vanda off, as the Named Spiderling blasted several webs in her direction. Vanda sliced through all if them. Gritting her painted on teeth Vanda landed and ran full speed at Muffet Bane. Vanda sliced through several missiles and webs, jumped over a laser and skidded under stoming legs; skipping back from a melee attack she jumped over a speared leg and sliced her sword at Muffet Bane, tumbling through the Spiderling and slicing it in half.

As Vanda rolled onto the ground and ran from the smashed Spiderling to the twitching Stromling Mech to pick up her sword she noticed that all the other stromlings had backed away from her. This was odd as Stromlings didn't get scared until she noticed a giant shadow pass over to see a Maelstrom Dragon circling above her, coming in for the kill.

Vanda sheathed her swords and got ready to take the full force of a Maelstrom Dragon Invader. The Dragon landed with a thump and the ground beneath Vanda shuddered and she had to roll out of the way to avoid being squashed. The dragon fired a three bolts of Maelstrom energy at her. Rolling out of the way the Dragon started to breath a long blast of Maelstrom energy at her in a line. Vanda knelt down and crossed her arms over her chest, focusing all the Maelstrom energy from within her she made a shield from pure Paradox Energy (ordered Maelstrom). Vanda felt her energy slowly draining away and nearly collapsed when the strain stopped. Shaking off her exhaustion she faced the Dragon. She saw the Dragon preparing to take off and smiled, this was the moment she had been waiting for. As the dragon started flapping its wings Vanda ran forward, the dragon leapt into the air and in that moment Vanda leapt too. Vanda grabbed onto the dragon's tail just as it stopped in midair and started flapping its wings to gain lift. The dragon was surprised by the sudden appearance of a minifigure on its back as it had been planning to launch missiles of Maelstrom Fire at the minifigure from the air but now had no idea what to do and started twisting and turning in midair but Vanda grabbed onto a spike and held on tightly. When the dragon stopped spinning Vanda ran up its tail, along its body onto its neck and before it could react Vanda drew her Katanas and using the momentum of her arms sliced through its neck, beheading it.

The headless dragon dipped and headed to the ground Vanda plunged her swords into its back and held on tightly. The head crashed into the ground first, taking an Admiral with it, and just before the rest of the body joined it Vanda jumped, she heard the body hit the ground behind her and the satisfying sound of several stromlings, aincluding the dragon, smash to pieces. As she landed Vanda ran into the crowd, swinging her katanas around her in an arc and smashing several stromlings. Vanda spun round in a circle and felt a sharp pain in her side. In a normal battle this wouldn't be a problem, take a few points of damage, smash the stromlings and move on, but in this battle it was crucial. The cut caused the Maelstrom to spread around her body. Vanda screamed as she felt her bricks being melted away. The stromlings stopped attacking her and she saw the stromling who had damaged her, Talli Reeko, The Named Stromling Invader Boss; if stromlings had mouths she was sure that he would be smiling. Using the last burst of her energy Vanda jumped up and thrust her sword into his face.

Chapter 3: The ReturnEdit

Reshouk’s eyes snapped open and he sucked in a giant gulp of air. His breath was forming in clouds of mist before him and he shivered. He was stuck in his bedroom with familiar purple wisps of smoke drifting around him. In the middle of the room was his laptop (glowing violet). Its screen cast an ominous glow in the darkness. As he took a shaky step towards the machine, Reshouk’s chest began to throb painfully. He remembered Khathran and himself trying to stop Shival. He’d failed. He’d felt a cold hand clutch his heart... And then nothing. Reshouk shrugged off the pain and lurched towards the machine. There was a wonderful sight beside it; a treasured possession - his copy of LEGO Universe. It was already in the disk drive and the familiar sight of LU covered the glass face of the monitor. The redheaded manga-style minifig was bedecked in his classic Rank 3 Samurai Armour and carried a sword and bow. Reshouk studied his surroundings. He was clearly in Crux Prime, but where?

BlackBrick ran towards the only thing he could see, two minifigs walking towards each other. He could tell that one of them was a stromling by the purple smoke rising from it, the other was too far away for him to make out its features. BlackBrick gripped his Rank 3 Wrench and Controller tightly and looked through the heads up display on his helmet. BlackBrick chuckled, an HUD didn't exist when he played LU, neither did the ability to grip your weapons or chuckle, in fact having complete and total control over your character, becoming one with it, never existed in any video game BlackBrick knew of. BlackBrick grimaced has he remembered the excruciating pain of being crushed by a stromling and them, he was back in his room, his laptop open on the bed with LEGO Universe installed and running, his Rank 3 Engineer sitting in the middle if the screen, awaiting orders. In the distance he saw the stromling having its head blown off by what he could make out to be a Rank 3 Space Marauder. As he drew closer he could see the name tag above the Minifigure's head. "Khathran?" He muttered under his breath. "BlackBrick?" Came the reply. "Wait, you can hear me?" "Yeah... Are we in Skype?" BlackBrick checked his desktop, LU was the only thing open." "Nope." "Then, how?" To BlackBrick's surprise he saw their conversation being typed in chat even though he hadn't typed one letter. "Look whatever's going on here is beyond simple computer programs, I wouldn't question it if I were you." "Why?" "Because this probably won't be possible to explain with science." "Why?" "BECAUSE THIS IS A LEGO VIDEOGAME! WHEN HAS SCIENCE EVER MADE SENSE!?" "Why?" BlackBrick sighed, it was good to have Khathran back.

Sentrakh was in a bad mood. His day had started off with an argument with his brother which involved some of his favourite LEGO models getting smashed, then Khathran had called him about something to do with LU and if anything could cheer him up it would be LEGO Universe. The only problem was that that ended up with him being torn to pieces by a real-life stromling. Now he was in some sort of messed up version of LU that meant that he was in two places at once which REALLY confused him. To top all of this he was also stuck with Reshouk, who wouldn't stop talking, even though Sentrakh had no idea HOW they could talk. "So the first thing we need to do is find Khathran and BlackBrick," Babbled Reshouk "then we need to find out where in Crux Prime we are and try to find our way back to Nexus Tower and try to figure out what the hell is going on and..." "Will you please just shut up for one bobdamn second!" "All right, chill bro, no need to rage at me man." "SHUT UP!" "Ok..." Then out of nowhere Sentrakh's sixth sense started screaming at him. Reacting by instinct he dodged to one side, barely escaping the claws of a stromling pirate. Cracking his whip Sentrakh struck the pirate before finishing it off with a crossbow bolt to the face. Out if the corner if his eye he saw Reshouk take out a Ronin with a slice from his katana and a flaming arrow. "Okay," Sentrakh said "That made me feel better." "I think I see two minifigs off in the distance." "Off we go then." Sentrakh used his adventurer cap to give both of them a speed boost and they sped off into the distance.

"Right then," said Sentrakh. "What now?" "Hang on," said BlackBrick. " Can we just take a moment to respect the fact that all four of us are back playing LU again and that we are all somehow able to have a level of control over our characters that we never had before?" "I agree" agreed Reshouk. They all stared philosophically into the distance. "Right then," Said Khathran, " contemplating over, let's smash some stromlings." "But, where are we?" Said Sentrakh. "No idea," said Khathran, before running off into the distance. "Carrot time!" Said Reshouk, following Khathran. "Nice to have the team back" said BlackBrick doing the same. "And thus, insanity returns to the world of LEGO." Came Sentrakh's voice, Following into the unknown.

Chapter 4: LeadershipEdit

Flashing lights, purple, a sword, smoke, fire, bricks, smashed bricks, built bricks, a machine, a portal, a knight, a Faction Leader,  A Duke, The Duke of Somewhere, The Duke of Exeter, Duke Exeter!

Doctor Overbuild stood up, his ears ringing as his memory slowly returned to him.  Duke Exeter was standing up, looking dazed and Hael Storm was still unconscious. "Albert!" yelled Duke Exeter, running to his side. "Are you ok?" "I-I think so." "I'LL SLICE OFF YER ARMS AN' FEED YER TO ME PET KRAKEN!" Was the monstrosity that came from Hael Storm's mouth as he jumped to his feet before falling to the ground again. "Oh, it's you" "Hael, get up." Said the Duke. "Wait, look at the portal!" Exclaimed Doctor Overbuild. The insane combination of genius and desperation that was the portal was fully up and running, all of the twisty bits twisting and tubes pumping and the strange relic CD-ROM spinning at an impossible speed. It had created a large force field of imagination around it but to the Faction Leader's horror the light blue streams of Imagination energy were entwined with dark violet Maelstrom ones. Despite that the force field that was being emitted from the portal was actually keeping Nexus Tower from toppling over as the foundations had been destroyed in the explosion. "Wait, where's Vanda?" Asked Doctor Overbuild. In a move that was very un-sentinally  Duke Grabbed hold of Hael Storm and slammed him up against the wall "This is your fault!" He cried "That portal was untested!" Who knows what you've done now?" "It's workin' isn't it? That's what it's meant to do righ'?" "Vanda is gone, Nexus Tower is barely standing and There's Maelstrom everywhere, is that what it's meant to do!?" "Guys, we might have a bigger problem." Came a shout from Doctor Overbuild. They both looked behind them and saw a huge Maelstrom army approaching from all sides. "This isn't over" said Duke Exeter, glaring at Hael as he released him and equipped his Sword and Shield. As the army approached the three faction leaders drew their weapons and faced the oncoming hoard.

Duke Exeter slammed his shield into the non-existent nose of an unsuspecting Stromling Invader, knocking off its head before swinging his sword in an arc, smashing several stromlings, as he did a running kick and knocked a ronin to the floor. Parrying a pirate stabbed it before rolling under its feet. He ran through the crowd, using his shield like a battering ram, scattering stromlings everywhere and jumping in the air before bringing his sword down, creating a circle of energy and smashing enemies in each direction. Beside him he saw Hael Storm spinning and jumping in different directions, sweeping under the feet of a dark horseman and jumping into the air, smashing through the horses ribs and into the ronin above, he then jumped on to a spiderling's back. From his position he thrust his sword into the jelly below and sheathed his sword and knife; he then tore the missiles and spears from the monster's back and started shooting missiles and webs in each direction, destroying and trapping several stromlings. Next to him his parrot had managed to catch the attention of a stromling mech and was dodging all of its attacks, causing it to smash all the stromlings around it. A few metres away Doctor Overbuild had caught an admiral's anchor in his robotic hand and yanked the elite pirate into his chainsaw. Building turrets around him, the doctor summoned hundreds of disposable robots to fight off the oncoming horde. "Albert!" shouted Duke Exeter. "Activate programme faction unity!" "But that requires Vanda!" came the reply. "You're a bricking genius for Bob's sake, work something out!" Doctor Overbuild gave out an exasperated sigh and slammed his hands into the ground. Everything around him, both Maelstrom and Nexus, smashed into pieces. The Doctor then brought his hands up and bricks swirled all around him, creating a pillar which he rose up on. Around him formed two massive legs, then a waist and a body. Before  he was  completely encased inside two robotic claws shot out of the side and grabbed Duke Exeter and Hael Storm, pulling them in before they were completely lost behind a wall of wire and brick. When fully built the robot was a hulking monstrosity, standing at over fifty minifigures tall. It wielded a sword and shield resembling the ones held by Dume Exeter, had innumerable robitic claws emerging from its back and had jets in its hands and feet. The only thing about that seemed incomplete was a huge hole in its chest. "It won't work without the Maelstrom Reactor Vanda created." Said Doctor Overbuild from within the mech's interior control room. "I can use my own imagination reactor but it will only last a few minutes." Then let's make those minutes count!" Roared Duke Exeter.

The mech ran forward, snatching stromlings from the ground and smashing them in its innumerable claws. It then trampled hordes of stromling underfoot while twirling its sword around it in an arc. In a few short seconds all the stromlings within a hundred metres were decimated to oblivion. It then got struck in the side by a maelstrom blast. The mech fell to the floor as the dragons Blastbreath, Torchblight and Burnshout started circling downwards towards it. The jets on the mech's feet activated and it went flying into the air. The three dragons shot several maelstrom blasts that the mech barely dodged. Blocking a shot from Torchblight the mech latched several claws onto Burnshout and flew straight through him, shattering the dragon to pieces. It then spun through several shots from Blastbreath and cleanly sliced off his head. The dragon slowly smashed as it tumbled towards the ground. The mech then turned its gaze towards Torchblight, it sped towards the dragon, blocking several shots with its shield. The claws snakes out towards the dragon but were quickly disintegrated by a flame burst. The dragon then spun around and smashed its tail into the mech's reactor. The mech then exploded and the three remaining faction leaders fell put. They landed on the dragon's tail. "Come on!" yelled Hael Storm. Before nimble sprinting up the dragon's back, it didn't notice them until they landed on its head, at which point all three of them linked weapons and blasted a shot of pure imagination onto the dragon's bricks, causing it to fall to the ground in a hurricane of bricks. In the crater where they had landed there was a single stromling invader, looking on with awe. "Brick this build," said Doctor Overbuild before destroying it with an imagination blast. "Right," said Duke Exeter, "now that we're alone, now what?"

Chapter 5: Bob Edit

Bob was bored. He had woken up in dark, blank cave with no natural light, lit only by thin tendrils of Maelstrom smoke. That was a long time ago. He had been trapped in here for longer than he could remember, he guessed about a year, but who knows how long he had been unconscious. Two giant floating red eyes were staring at him from the smog. He knew that they belonged to the Darkitect but they had not spoken a word to him since he had woken up. Although he had tried to escape many times the walls that made up the cave never done more than shake a little. Lasers, drills, explosions, none of them every worked  A stromling spawned. Bob sighed, got to his feet and created a cage around the it. Stromlings would spawn in here sometimes and the only entertaing he had was thinking of new and inventive ways to smash them. An idea came to Bob and he created a maze with many traps in it around the Stromling. Sadly he was disappointed as the Stromling walked straight into an obvious open spike pit. As the Stromling fell towards the spikes, however, the eyes in the corner of the cave suddenly sparked into life and the tendrils of Maelstrom energy shot from them and into the maze, disintegrating it completely. The Darkitect's voice came in a low chuckle "Not this time Bob" The tendrils then wrapped around the Stromling, turning it from its regular colours to the dark violet of a Stromling Invader to a dark, pulsing crimson. It then turned towards Bob and growled. Bob summoned a Sword and Shield to his hands and charged at the Stromling with an almighty battle cry. The Stromling ducked his swipe and lashed back with his blade but Bob blocked with shield and swung his sword as it clashed with the Stromling's blade. Bob launched a kick to the Stromling's face and it staggered backwards. He tool this opportunity to rush at it, throw it in the and as it was there he jumped, slashed it across its chest as it slammed against the wall and smashed into mist.

However as Bob landed the smoke that came from the Stromling's remains were coiling around each other and seeped into each other to form Maelstrom bricks that were held together by Maelstrom smoke and lightning. These bricks never built into each other but rather swirled around each other to create a large roaring beast with blazing crimson eyes and great clenching hands. Bob stepped backwards, took a deep breath and prepared his attack.

"FOR THE NEXUS FORCE!" Bob cried as he launched himself towards the monster. As he jumped bricks formed themselves around his feet into a catapult that launched him forward. In mid-air he changed his sword and shield into twin scimitars just as the Brick Monster raised its hand. He burst through the hand but the smoke simply reformed around it. He ran up its arm and, as he spun in the air, cut through the neck and head (which for some reason had a top hat on it) and landed on the other shoulder. Despite this he got the same result and the smoke mearly reformed. A large hand then grasped him from behind and the bricks began to interlock with each other, crushing him. Bob brought his scimitars up and sliced through the fingers to land on the floor. The bricks in the Brick Monster's hand then solidified into a hammer which he slammed into the ground where Bob would have been if he hadn't dodged out of the way. Bob summoned a pile of bricks which assembled themselves into a circle of cannons. Despite the volleys of cannon fire upon the monster it refused to smash. The cannons then smashed themselves and reassembled around the monster as a giant washing machine. Those glowing red eyes spun round and round and round before blowing the machine to bits. Bob sighed. His scimitars turned into glowing blue balls of imagination, his eyes turned a piercing light blue, and his whole body started glowing sapphire and transparent. As a mythran he hovered a few studs off the ground before flying into the air and gathering a ball of imagination in his hands and blasting it through the Brick Monster. Its bricks disintegrated into blue dust and the mist keeping it together evaporated into the air.

Bob settled onto the ground and reverted back to his regular colours. As he turned around he noticed the Darkitect's eyes started pulsing a ruby red before exploding in a mist of Maelstrom. When the smoke cleared a figure dressed in a top hat, robe and diamond sceptre stoop standing there, his skeletal grin glowing in the shadows. Bob saw a ball of pure infected imagination barrelled towards him before pain erupted through his body and filled his vision with purple.

Chapter 6: The Battle Begins Edit

Chapter 6.1 Khathran Edit

Khathran, Reshouk, Sentrakh and BlackBrick stared in awe at the mass of Stromlings below them. There were more Stromlings together than they had all seen in their entire lives. Thousands upon thousands of pirates, ronin, mechs, spiderlings, admirals and even a few dragons. "Well...I'm leaving" said Sentrakh strolling off in the other direction, BlackBrick grabbed Sentrakh and brought him back. "Looks like we have two options," he said "We either make a complex and well thought out strategy to help us take a huge chunk out of that large army, or we go insane." "Go insane." blurted out Reshouk instantly. "Guys we should probably think this through before just running in." said Sentrakh. They all looked at Khathran for the deciding vote. "Strategically go insane?" He suggested.He crawled along the floor, that was how he always referred to himself, 'him'. He didn't have a name, or if he had one it long since been forgotten, he crawled alongside his brothers and sisters. His anchored hand digging into the rock to pull himself forward. He didn't know where they were marching, or why they were marching, only that they were marching. His head suddenly snapped up, a black dot was descending from the sky at an rapid speed.

Khathran was falling, falling faster than he'd ever fallen before. The ground was was coming down below him faster and faster and faster. It had been Sentrakh's idea, he was always performing ridiculous stunts like that. It was at this moment that Khathran suddenly realised that he didn't remember if this game had falldamage.

He smashed. The Admiral smashed. He was crushed underneath a space marauder surrounded by a ring of grenades. The grenades blew up in a cloud of dust and maelstrom and chaos broke loose. At that moment several armed turrets previously unnoticed burst into action, spraying bullets everywhere and leaving trails of maelstrom dust behind. Several dozen stromlings found themselves being stunned by a flashing whip or unable to move due to some magnetic force whereas others found themselves suddenly in the middle of blazing fires. Khathran went into action.     

Khathran shot the stromling in front, the one behind and the one in front again. Left, left, behind, right, front, right, rockets to dispatch a group.His legs and arms twisted to his will, although if asked afterwards he wouldn't have been able to recall which buttons he pressed if asked. He was being overwhelmed so he had to throw down a grenade and when the smoke cleared he ran. He leapt over a ronin and blasted a pirate's face. In a spinning kick he knocked over an admiral and shoved his rockets down his bricks. He leapt into the air and headbutted a stromling rider before launching a rocket into its mount. He threw a grenade onto the ground leapt into the air, the blast from the grenade launched him even higher and he observed his surroundings. Stromlings, stromling as far as the eye could see, in every direction. He then blasted downwards to clear the space below him and landed. A rock came hurtling towards his face and he only just blasted it at the lastsecond. He ran up to the maelstrom ape and leapt onto its back. It was kicking and pounding the ground so much that Khathran's painted teeth rattled (somehow) but he still kept hold and threw blasts, rockets an grenades in all direction. He managed to steer the ape towards a cliff and at the last second back flipped off it as it went hurtling into the abyss. He landed on the ground and backwards rolled underneath a dark spiderling. He kicked upwards, sending it sprawling into its back and shot it eight times, once in each eye. He then dodged a blast from a mech and flying kicked it to the ground. A ronin came up behind him and he ducked its sword before grabbing its statue head and chucking it at a pirate. A spear suddenly raked across his side and created a large glowing gap in his armour. He had to roll through several Stromlings tostop himself being trampled. Khathran jumped into the air and back flipped into a hammerling. He then grabbed its hammer, shot it in the face, wrenched the hammer out if its socket and threw it at the maelstrom rider who had nearly run him down. The rider got catapulted backwards into a suprised mech. Khathran then kicked a stromling in the stomach and and picked it up before throwing at an admiral. After that he did another jump bomb to clear the area and cleared a large circle around him. A low growling noise sounded behind him abd Khathran spun around to see a violet tinted anchor being dragged across the ground.

Chapter 6.2 Reshouk Edit

Reshouk steeled himself for the jump. He hated leaping from high places enough as it was, and the infinite sea of Maelstrom below did not ease his pulse. Gulping, he drew his katana from its silvery sheath, took a deep breath and jumped. The ground rushed up to meet him, but he double jumped and landed on the back of a Dragon. Looking at its name tag, Reshouk grinned. 'Hey, Butterscorch. Long time, no see!' The Dragon Boss roared and threw him off its back, sending hurtling back into freefall. An instant before landing Reshouk saw Khathran standing on top of a strolling invader with beeping grenades set to go off surrounding him. Reshouk sucked his breath and drew his bow as time seemed to slow around him. He saw his targets: a number of maelstrom geysers scattered around the battlefield. He released his arrows and landed.  

Reshouk somersaulted through the air and dashed an Admiral's head against the floor with his flying kick. He saw a Stromling Invader charging towards him, dagger arm raised, and he sliced through its waist like a hot knife through butter. A sword hit him in the head and he yelped. A Ronin was swinging its katana in a desperate attempt to finish him off. Resh groaned in frustration and drove the point of his helmet through the Stromling's chestpiece in a powerful head-butt manoeuvre. A maelstrom rider tried to run him over but he knocked him off his horse with an arrow, did a forward roll underneath its mount and sliced open its stomach. A light behind him alerted Reshouk to a blast shot by a mech and he had to send himself sprawling into the ground to not get hit. A pirate stabbed him in the back with its claws and Reshouk cried out before grabbing the surprised pirate, flipping it over his back and planting a flaming arrow firmly between its legs. He then did a flying kick into the mech that had attacked him and put his katana into the mech's eye.

A Maelstrom anchor clawing its way into the ground next to him snapped him back to reality and he dived sideways. The Admiral growled angrily and lunged. Resh kicked off and slammed his fist into its face. The violet head went soaring through the air and knocked over some Stromlings like bowling pins. Reshouk laughed, threw his sword up in a spinning motion and caught it by the hilt. 'Sterrrrike!' he cackled.

An Ape tossed a boulder at him and Reshouk tried to dodge, but the boulder caught his arm and he went spinning away like a drunken ballerina. Roo Morg, the Ape who had thrown the rock, grabbed Reshouk by the throat and squeezed. A dark cloud closed in around Reshouk's vision and he choked for air, until he pulled out Swabby the Monkey's flintlock and fired a round into Morg's face. The Ape Invader stumbled away, screeching and clawing away at its face. Its wild fists swung out and smashed a second ape. Reshouk grinned breathlessly. 'One thing you need to learn about me,' he said between pants. 'I ain't gonna be killed by a purple pansy.' And he ignited the ape's coat with a burning arrow. Morg screamed in pain and swatted at the flames. Reshouk, seizing his chance, equipped a spear from his backpack and threw it with deadly accuracy through the Invader's chest. A hole emerged there but still Roo Morg lurched forward. Reshouk sidestepped and used his Basic Shortsword from his nooby days to cut clean through Morg's fingers. The Ape howled in distress, with more Admirals and Ronin surrounding him. The brain-dead Stromlings picked up Roo Morg's pieces and tried to build him again and Reshouk had to draw his musket and shoot the Ape's head off. 'Viva la Imagination, ya violet monkey.'

Out of nowhere he heard the whistling sound of an object swiftly being brought down and he brought up his sword to block it. Reshouk's katana met with another one, this one glowing violet and emitting smoke. The two blades bit at each other and Reshouk found himself staring into to blazing purple eyes.

  Chapter 6.3 BlackBrick


BlackBrick sucked in his breath. Inside in his own personal fortress. He was holding a controller which

would activate the various turrets that were placed around the battlefield. He felt lucky that he was

immune to attack while building thanks to his engineer suit. His hand felt itchy and tense as it hovered

over the controller. The tension was killing him as he sat on the ridge on cliff and he was aching from his

plastic limbs.


Khathran was standing on top of an admiral with several beeping grenades around him. BlackBrick

pressed his controller. The turrets that surrounded the army sprung to life as bullets ricocheted around

the stromlings. BlackBrick’s own fortress did the same and BlackBrick targeted the strongest stromlings,

apes, horsemen and spiderlings. He pressed another button on his controller which activated its

magnetism and sucked several stromlings towards him which he then bashed out their bricks with his

wrench. A spider king sent a missile in his direction and he pressed the eject button on his controller. He

then remembered he didn’t have an eject button on his controller. “I should get an eject button on my

controller.” He said as the missile hit the turret. He was thrown off the ridge in a fiery explosion. He

landed on the floor in a forward roll before holding up his controller and sucking the stromlings around

him into an electric field. Throwing the controller in the air pulled the stromlings up with it and

BlackBrick quickly built a turret that shot them all before grabbing his controller and running up to a

spiderling. The spiderling tried to step on him but he rolled underneath its legs and jumped through it,

emerging on top of it. The spider long shrieked in pain so BlackBrick wrenched it open and it fell to the

ground. He back flipped off the carcass and landed in front of an ape. He kept his distance from the

ground slam attack and waited. A boulder came hurtling towards him and at the very last second he

activated his controller, catching it in a magnetic field and throwing it back. The surprised ape got hit in

the face by its own boulder and roared in defiance. In a rage the ape ran up to BlackBrick and grabbed

him from where he stood and slammed him into the ground. In a daze he barely managed to roll out

from underneath its crushing foot. Out of the corner of his eye BlackBrick noticed a quick build. He

zipped over to it and built it in a flash. The experience was amazing from this perspective, the way that

he knew exactly how the bricks fit together simply by looking at them and the way they gave off that

infinitely satisfying click as the slotted together. Within about three seconds he had built an anchor

above the ape’s head that slammed down onto the ape’s  head. He then ran up to it, disassembled its

legs and rebuilt them as hammers that crunched down onto its head.

A Ronin came up and he ducked under its swipe before then hitting it in the face with his wrench. A

Maelstrom Much Blasted him in the back and sent him tumbled to the ground. The corrupted robot

slowly walked up to him and stood over his body. Aiming its sights at him the mech shot the ground

where BlackBrick had been a moment earlier. BlackBrick tore the mech's back open with his wrench and

ripped the wires open. The mech then powered down but BlackBrick wasn’t done with it. He used his

controller to create a magnet that drew the wires towards it. With the new array of jumbled wires

randomly fixed together the Mech turned on again and started randomly shooting and turning around

jerkily. The mech left an area of destruction around it and started generating smoke and electricity. Its

one eye started beeping rapidly.

“Uh-oh” Said BlackBrick before being blown through the air away from the smouldering wreckage of the


BlackBrick's head was ringing and he couldn’t remember much

“Must have got knocked out for a few seconds”

He briefly wondered why none of the surrounding stromlings had attacked him before he realised that

he was sitting on them. Surveying the surroundings he realised that he was sitting in a small pit that he

must have created when he landed. There were a few stromling remains but they weren’t going to harm

him. He then looked up and saw himself face to face with a violet face and red glowing eyes.

Chapter 6.4 Sentrakh

There are a lot of emotions ruining through your head when you look over a precipice. Dread, fear, maybe excitement. When there's an army of chaotic demons below that precipice, you feel only one thing: the desire to leap in and put them all in shallow graves.

Sentrakh scanned the pulsating mass for a safe spot to land. He really regretted not choosing a more efficient ranged class. He swallowed, ran and jumped into the Maelstrom. The impact of his fall jarred his legs and at his keyboard, he shuddered.

The Stromling Pirates around him growled and spat. He leapt to his feet and smacked them in their faces one by one, creating a domino-like effect around him. An Admiral shot at him, but he evaded and drew his flintlock, loosing a single round into its abdomen.

A dark ronin dived at his face, but he drew his sword and cleaved the ghost in two. He charged forward and slid underneath a maelstrom ape, slicing its belly open before running up its back and plunging his sword into its head. The beast roared and snapped at him, but he chucked an explosive into its gaping mouth. The explosion sent the ape pinwheeling into a crowd of Invaders, which were crushed beneath the demon's bulk.

Feeling pleased with himself, Sentrakh turned around and was immediately kicked in the face by a skeletal horse. He looked up and saw a single Horseman Invader, stood over him. He gulped. 'Sup?' he said. The demon screeched and its horse brought its foot down, intending to crush the Adventurer. Luckily, Sentrakh rolled to the side as the creature's hooves planted themselves in the stony earth. He somersaulted to his feet, aimed his crossbow and fired. The first bolt hit the rider in the eye, the second and third bit into its horse's flank, and the fourth bounced harmlessly off the Horseman's armour and straight into an Ape's mouth.

The horse bucked and Sentrakh used his Speed Boost ability to dash forward, slide under the creature and shoot upwards. The horse screamed and fell to the ground before exploding into bricks. The Horseman rolled to the floor, screeched and thrust forward with its lance. Sentrakh ducked, but the lance's sharp edge caught his chin and his health dropped dramatically. Thinking purely instinctively, he used his backpack to heal himself and swung out at the Horseman. He launched his fist at its face and the Horseman fell down, Sentrakh curled his Whip around the creature, twirled it around his head and brought it crashing back down to earth, where it promptly smashed. Sentrakh stood back and allowed his armour to attract all his loot to him. As he examined it, a ping on his minimap caught his eye. He spun around and slammed into the skeletal chest of a horserider.

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