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aka Matt

  • I live in Oahu
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Surf Instructor
  • I am Male
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    Pardon the Inactivity

    February 26, 2012 by 75x

    Boatloads of homework, exams some family issues, illnesses, injuries; just to name a few of how my life is going right now. I'm extremely sorry for being inactive here. I will make sure all of my admin rights will go to the right use from this point on.

    Anything I missed?

    Also, if you want a full list of what happened to me, ask on my Message Wall .


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    First off, let me clarify this does not diss Jamesster or his theories in any way. However, it does show evidence against Jamesster's thoughts. Also, this would be on the LU Wiki, however I am restricted to a talk page, and how would that help at all?

    TheBigLegoFan has nothing to do with this situation. However, Jamesster is mad at me for three reasons:

    •"I" impersonated TheBigLegoFan

    •I framed him for a being a hacker

    •I lied to you all

    Erm, just a few problems with each. As you may know, I wasn't the one who impersonated TheBigLegoFan. That part of the plan was my sister, ALIAS AwesomeMeTheSister and AM44. Yes, in the end she fled the situation to have not been noticed by you all, and after temporarily took the entire blame, she was recognize…

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    December 1, 2011 by 75x

    This Wiki is returning to it's previous state! Thanks so much, everyone!

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    A Shoutout to All Active Members!

    November 19, 2011 by 75x

    Members of this Wiki,

    Thank you SO much for keeping this Wiki alive! Due to your efforts, this Wiki is now back on top and a lot of our original members have been coming back, including me! We admins and mods would like to give a special thanks to The Venture Dude, ZackaryX, semi-active Kriyiptuun, and all other everyday members which kept the flame in this Wiki burning.

    I have returned to this wiki to continue my position as admin and chat moderator. Although it's been quite awhile, I will continue to write my story AND add a new one!


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    Return To AwesomeMe

    July 20, 2011 by 75x

    I'll be in this account for the next few days.


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