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First off, let me clarify this does not diss Jamesster or his theories in any way. However, it does show evidence against Jamesster's thoughts. Also, this would be on the LU Wiki, however I am restricted to a talk page, and how would that help at all? Emote_Tongue.gif:P

TheBigLegoFan has nothing to do with this situation. However, Jamesster is mad at me for three reasons:

•"I" impersonated TheBigLegoFan

•I framed him for a being a hacker

•I lied to you all

Erm, just a few problems with each. As you may know, I wasn't the one who impersonated TheBigLegoFan. That part of the plan was my sister, ALIAS AwesomeMeTheSister and AM44. Yes, in the end she fled the situation to have not been noticed by you all, and after temporarily took the entire blame, she was recognized for her wrongdoings as well as mine.

Next, we have me framing him. Once again, incorrect theory. In-game and, as I believe, once on Wiki, he told us he was a hacker. Yes, it turned out not to be true. So, technically, I never framed him if you think about it.

Also, we have me lying to you. Jamesster, once again, I am proving you wrong. I never lied. Denying that I was AM44 is not lying.



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