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The Mythran Makers has been making it's moment lately; and I'm worried about it. More people have been coming to read it than ever before, and more have been rating it well. Several people post, and there's been A LOT more than the Journey Of Vanda Darkflame would've ever had in 6 pages. I'm suspicious that it's consuming too much fame. Someone with an account named "MakeYourMove" posted in A Hero Rising saying: "Forget Bob! Join Bricky and Crystal's adventure down at the Mythran Makers! I'm done with this story."

If more people begin to agree with this comment, some really famous stories will become un-famous. Will The Mythran Makers become the next A Hero Rising? I truly wouldn't want that to happen, but I'm worried that ther'es a slight possibility it will. I'm afraid to think that this could happen. Emote_Frown.gif:(

Share your thoughts here.


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