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Okay, so today, while smashing enemies in Crux, I was thinking about you and Maestro for some reason. These people were talking about the free-to-play version, and I overheard some of them. They said things like:

"Yeah, my best friend moved to New Zealand last summer, so he can't get LU."

"He should get the free version."

"Your right! But, don't they not ship it out there. :( ."

"No, because you only have to download it from!"

":O" (Emote_Tongue.gif:P) So, thinking about those two people, I started thinking about memberships for SOME STRANGE REASON. And then I came to think, "You only have to download memberships from LU's website... Oh, but you still need the game."

A few minutes later, I thought of the free-to-play quote: "Upgrade to a full membership to use this!"

I was struck by shock and amazement. PAH, when you download the game from LU's website, you will have the free version of the game, which is still the game. You don't have to have a membership shipped out to you. You just purchase it, activate it, and you'll have the full game! Emote_Laugh.gifxD


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