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Does anyone here understand what my profile pic represents? I know, (of course) but I was wondering if anyone else knew? I own the minifigure shown in my profile pic. Please answer the following questions in the comments for me please. Thank you.

Q1. What space faction is the minifigure in?

Q2. If you were to compare the space factions to Nexus Force factions, which one would be





Q3. Have you seen the profile minifig before, and where?

Q4. In LU should the Blacktron shirt be removed and replaced with a Blacktron II shirt? (Your Opinion)

Q5. Name two space factions that fought. (Hint answers are in Q2 a and c)

Please, just guess if you don't know. This is just to see if anyone even follows the space factions anymore. Also I wish to start a campaign on the messageboards to make a space faction world on LU. Thank you if you attempt to answer the following questions.

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