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Each day i will be writing about a new worrld, please comment

The Venture explorer: Where all players begin, this ship was headed to nimbus station with new recruits, when it got attacked by the maelstrom. Escape by building a rocket and launching to Avant Gardens. No flags. No imagination Brick

Avant gardens: One of the easiest worlds. When you land from the venture explorer you land at a large landing pad that cannot be taken off from. there is a flag directly behind you. there are flags in variou areas of the battle feild, including one in the spiderling cave (follow the tail of maelstrom burns) it is not advised to attack the spiderlings without good weapons or armor. Next is the sentinel camp, no enemies can get in but there are lots of missions, complete all eck strongharts missions before continuing to the monument. at the monument, are the majority of flagswhen you start, there is a short cut to the left of the player, and behind, it is after the first laser and fan. go up to the cave, there will be smashable wall that lead to a lift. build the lift bu be facing the oppoit direction of the on you got on. now walk across the minifigs shoulders, there are multiple flags to be seen and an imagiation brick in his left hand. after the monumnt you need to head down th road and you are at the launch site. Good job.

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