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Heya! since everyone else is doing it, so am I! My name is Andrew, I currently live in New Hampshire but am about to move to Alabama. I am 13 years old, and have a pet cat, dog and gecko. I'm really not the type for instruments, in fact im not much for music, and dont care what im listening to as long as its not beiber, country, rebbbecca black, and a few other songs.

I like climbing trees and knowing all there is to know about a computer (however i stll haven't figured out that darn HTML Emote_Tongue.gif:P) I have a fear of cryptids, and for some reason enjoy studying them via the internet. I am a Humongous LEGO Geek, and have been ever since my first Duplo set.

I was in LEGO's NXT FLL tournaument for four years. I enjoy hanging out with my friends from my previous school that i was in until last year when it closed and I am now a homeschooler (but will go into public school when we move down to Alabama.) I have an interest in any vehicle that has less wheels than four as well as robotic sciemce and zoology.

Favorite TV Genre: Cop shows/ documenaries

Favorite book genre: fantasy

Favorite movie Genre: Fantasy

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