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So this dude thinks its a good idea to watch races:

i think it would be very cool if you could watch live races. it could, instead of one imaginite, a cost to view the races would be 200 studs. heres how it would go: you would click on the regular racing track, then, instead of immediately finding players, would give you this option:racer, or spectator? youd click the spectator option. you then appear iin the stands of the race track. you wont be able to move, but your minifig is in one of the stands at the track. on the bottom of the screen would be camera options, where you could see the race in different points of view. another thing would be you being able to chat on the track, with other racers/spectators. you could even be able to do certain cheering or booing emotes! i think it would be a very good idea.

heres an example: imagine, nearing the end of a race. you a racer, keep your puplic chat open, and see different messages from spectators like:"ouch,he crashed" ("wow! it's going to be close!" "aww man,my friend isnt doing too well.") you continue to race, when, during the race you see two spectators chatting: ("wow so and so is doing awsome! "yeah, but whatshisname is about to get a boost. the match will be over from there" "but what if idont know grabs it?" "well, then the race is over, unless a mirecle happens and whatshisname wins" "no way!" "what? i missed it." "idontknow just crashed! whatshisname won!" "interesting..") the two continue to argue, you finish second place! suddenly you see cheer emotes, and a few boos too. you leave the race place happy. the people decided the real winner!

overall, i think this would be a good idea. ot might even have things as turnaments scheduled more often, as well as fans of extremely good racers going to see thier players races. this could also help with strategy, as racers studying could figure out new secrets, or maunevers. it could also help them familiarise thhemselves with the track, like the new dragonmaw chasm

this should also be added if lu gets a battle arena. LU NEEDS A BATTLE ARENA! I WANNA CHEER FOR MY FRIENDS AND BOO FOR THEIR OPPONENTS!

takes everlasting chill pill.

*ahem* post your ideas on what you think.

And this other dude says:


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