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  • I live in Santiago Chile
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is Estudiante Universidad
  • Good.Enough Venson

    Okay, not really sure if this is the right place to put a discussion, but I wanted to talk with ya'll about making our job a little easier. Copying and pasting stories from the LU Message Boards is trying at best, and has the potential to be a pretty bad experiance. So I propose building a program that does that job for us.

    Aaaand once again, just as I sit down to write a blog, I get called for Once... Sooo, if you have any ideas while I am away, post them, and I will get back here and finish my shpiel(spelling?) after dinner.

    Until then,

    -Good Venson

    Okay, this is how I am thinking; if I were to make the tool myself, it would be a desktop app, and that would limit it's use to the few of us who want to go to the trouble of copying stories over…

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  • Good.Enough Venson

    Hi all, as I am sitting here, I have realized that Once (As in a spanish eleven, not "once apon a time"... It's the name of an evening meal, but... I'll get to that later.) is being served, and that I will have to cut this short... I'll be back in an hour or two to complete this post, but until then, bye!

    Okay, I am back, and ready to talk. Let's see... *finger tips tap rythmmically on keyboard as thoughts slowly form into sentences*

    Well, to start off, I consider myself to be an Idahoan, although only about a third of my life has been spent there. I have lived in Oklahoma, Washington, and Wisconsin to name a few states, but never a one have I liked so much as Idaho. With its sunny summer, its sunny winter, and lots of snow to shovel for hal…

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