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Okay, not really sure if this is the right place to put a discussion, but I wanted to talk with ya'll about making our job a little easier. Copying and pasting stories from the LU Message Boards is trying at best, and has the potential to be a pretty bad experiance. So I propose building a program that does that job for us.

Aaaand once again, just as I sit down to write a blog, I get called for Once... Sooo, if you have any ideas while I am away, post them, and I will get back here and finish my shpiel(spelling?) after dinner.

Until then,

-Good Venson

Okay, this is how I am thinking; if I were to make the tool myself, it would be a desktop app, and that would limit it's use to the few of us who want to go to the trouble of copying stories over anyway. Yes it would help those of us who have it, but besides that, there would not be very far reaching benefits. What I was thinking was that if we can get together and collaborate on a project, we can turn out a really useful web-hosted tool that would be a benefit to anybody using the LMB's.

Now, what we need to do is to figure out what functions would be nessesary in a good tool like that I have been talking about, coding platforms that we will use, and other stuff like that.

Talk to ya'll later,

-Good Venson

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