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    Week of 8.5.12 (AA)

    August 7, 2012 by Legofan613

    The original plans showed ["The Attack"] as a trilogy. Due to recent breakthroughs, however, the series must be extended to five books. Book One takes place on Earth, Book Two takes place on Earth and LU, Books Three and Four are on -{CENSORED}-, and Book Five is on -{CENSORED}-.

    As you can see from the characters list [found here], three characters are missing from the list until all slots are filled. They will be filled if nobody fills them by the start of Book Five!

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  • Legofan613

    Earth is in danger! The Darkitect is attempting to cross into Earth with his Maelstrom army, and Earth's last chance crosses the line to stop the Darkitect on the other side! Will Sam, Kastia, Dave, and all the friends they make across the way be able to stop him, before it's too late? Find out at!

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    Welcome to the Legofan Log! You'll notice when flipping through here that there are different categories of blog posts. This post will guide you through these categories.

    If the post title is "[Name of Post] (LL)", such as this one, it is an LL Info Center. These posts will give you the latest updates on how this blog's running. This is the only category which does not have signed posts.

    Welcome to the Legofan Log

    If the post title is "[Name of Post] (AA)", it is news from the Attack Anouncements. These posts can all be found together in two places: the index below, and The Attack's page. In the index below, the news articles are grouped by week, so keep checking back there. On The Attack's page, you'll find them sorted individually. (One pos…

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