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  • MassiveSodaDuck

    Sorry AwesomeMe, you're the reason I joined Wikia, but, I have to point out some things.

    I am 100% positive that TheHarleyQuinn, AwesomeMeTheSister, and every other account that is said to be his sibling's, are AwesomeMe himself.

    • When we were at this chat, TheHareyQuinn was there, and "she" said that AwesomeMeTheSister was coming to chat, but as soon as he did TheHarleyQuinn left. Enough proof, right? And then AwesomeMeTheSister said that it could be IP issues, and then TheHarleyQuinn came back, and the first thing "she" said was: "IP issues".
    • The two accounts were mainly used when AwesomeMe was blocked from the LEGO Universe Wiki.
    • AwesomeMeSisterSomething was created just when AM44 was blocked, and obviously was created to put the blame off A…

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