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  • I live in Gnarled Forest
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Buccaneer
  • I am Male Minifig

    The fight against the Maelstrom has been raging for some time, so as a reward to the brave minifigs of the Nexus Force, the faction leaders agreed to officially celebrate the holidays this year.  Every minifig on each world would be officially given the day off, and invited to the Nexus Tower.

    The preparations went underway.  Hael Storm had set off to Avant Gardens to find one of the best trees they had there.  Dr Overbuild started designing the presents; each one would be specially made for each minifig.  Duke Exeter took charge over the Nexus Tower kitchens.  It was a little known fact that he spends some of his free time practicing with new recipes.

    Vanda had only more recently discovered the story of Santa.  Instead of running around getting t…

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