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  • Roseann Shadowflame

    It's called Solemn Hours. Here, lemme go fish for the first two chapters and the prolouge on the LEGO Messageboards....

    Twilight falls upon the baren Wasteland. The wind howling through the cities, down chimney's, the stars of night glimmering in the sky, the moon covered by the misty clouds. The doors pulling open and shutting, as if ghosts lurked through the stores, as if the entire place was alive and filled with life again. Cold, cruel, stinging rain sometimes pummeled down on the ground, while the smell of stale, crusty pastries haunted the streets. The tall buildings looming down, abandoned warehouses, the green-tinted sky, all perfect for a nightmare. The ominous, empty buildings were all grey, different from the bright colors they u…

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