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Hi all,

Somehow I missed that this wiki was part of the Wikimedia fork. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to talk to you about it before it happened. But, what's done is done, and now I want to look to the future.

This wiki will be remaining open, and available for anyone to edit. Over time, I hope that it will revive and thrive again.

In order to help this wiki revive, it needs to be allowed to follow it's own path without connection to the fork. That means removing the advertising banner, restoring the main page, and doing anything else that is necessary to make this a working wiki again. I'll be making some of those changes shortly, and working with any remaining or future community for the rest.

For those that have left, the main thing I ask is that you do nothing to prevent or slow the recovery of this wiki. That includes:

  • Please do not post to users' talk pages with messages about the fork. We look on this as spam - just as you would have if someone came here in the past, and started leaving mass messages about their site on talk pages.
  • Please do not try to delete pages, change fundamental elements of the site or otherwise damage the content. The wiki should be left intact and available for the remaining community to use.
  • Please do not use the wiki to promote the new fork. This includes templates, notices or URLs on pages other than the announcement.

I don't know whether this wiki will revive or not, but hopefully it can get it's change. And I wish you well for the future, wherever you edit.

(Note: this post is a copy of one on the forum Please leave any comments there. Thanks!)'

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