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It's my turn now, I think, Good and Turbo already had theirs done. Emote_Tongue.gif:P I did one of these way back in June 2011. But that's kind of unfair so here I go again.

Name is Christopher, 14 years old. Fifteen come the 27th of this month. I played LU from its last week of ßETA onward. LU got released officially October 26, 2010, I received a copy for my birthday the next day, and I officially played LU v1.0 for the first time the following day: October 28, 2010. But these memories are the kind that burn holes in your head after what happened, so I'll move on.

I'm a violinist by trade, been at it for 6 years now. Which means I've been playing piano for 7 and been composing for 5. I call a piece of rural eastern Pennsylvania my home. I am the proud owner of the best dog in the world (pictured) and am currently in 10th grade. Was homeschooled for most of my life, but this is my third year in cyber school. I am a self-taught amateur web developer, specializing in CSS styling, though I know a decent bit of HTML and I dabble in jQuery. When not on the net, I am a member of the Steam community, within which I enjoy my now favorite game, Sid Meier's Civilization V. Well, I used to; now I have a new school computer that doesn't run Civ well, so I'm stuck with no video games until I get a new computer of my own, who knows when that will be. I'm starting to move into XML/Lua modding of Civ in the meantime.

About my personality, I'm generally serious and decisively defined, and a little more relaxed around friends. When you're in charge of something, it really takes a toll on your disposition... Some more than others, and I don't know why, but being an administrator just kind of molds one into a more serious character. Theoretically. But my tensity is annoying to me in most regards. I don't want to be tense, but my family says I am, people on the internet who have never heard my voice or seen my face know I'm too tense, and my violin teacher is constantly reminding me that my biggest problem is being too tense. So if it's bugging you, please make a joke, or something, chances are I'm not trying to be tense but I can't make myself relax.

That pretty much sums up my life at the moment. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

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