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Many of you probably already know about the layouts used to help write stories. As creator, they are difficult to work with, and as they may make things easier for the author, they makes things several times more difficult for me. I am proposing that they be removed, and a story-writing walkthrough become available. This will maximize quality, minimize efforts on my part, and the walkthrough will neutralize the change. What are everyone's thoughts? Please leave in comments!

EDIT: I just contacted Wikia about the inability to put layout builder forms into input strings for templates. Simplified, anyone using the layout can't fill out the mandatory Top template. If this is fixed, though, we may be able to use layouts after all...

ANOTHER EDIT: Wikia has responded about the plb commands, and they are workin on making them compatible with template and even parser commands! For dummies Emote_Tongue.gif:P, that means that templates should be able to work with layouts, which will essentially solve all of our problems. So, let's leave these alone until we have more info on what Wikia is doing with them...

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