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Hello again, everyone, I know it has been a while since the last blog post; unfortunately, there hasn't really been anything to update about! Well now, we have a HUGE update! First, a bulk of the new stylesheet is complete. Essentially the wiki looks MAJORLY different. If anyone remembers the old font and the purple/yellow color scheme, many will agree that the current look is æons better. But the news doesn't end there!

Recently, Wikia announced that there will be a new official forum system, which is desperately needed here, ever since the surprisingly nice makeshift system that was set up fell apart when the software was updated. That will be coming within two months, any more info is currently not available to me.

The Abandoned Stories Archive, which has been nonfunctional and void of legitimate content for far too long, has finally received a makeover which greatly improved its functionality. Old, incomplete, abandoned stories will slowly begin to make their way into the archive, which will make it an essential wiki feature as originally planned.

More structural reforms will continue to be made on the long and difficult journey to the growth explosion. The growth explosion comes when we open up our doors to the world, advertise properly, and usher in stories and users straight from the MBs. We're so close, guys, so close!

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