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I know this is against my nature, but it had to come out... YOU'RE A JERK, AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK TRYING TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF. Okay, so you're mad at me for whatever stupid reason you have, and then pin things on your brother? Not the best-devised plan, but you almost had me there. Except for the fact that you know nothing of how Wikis work, and some important information from a certain undisclosed person. So therefore, let it be known to everyone here that Marissa, aka TheHarleyQuinzel, AwesomeMe's older sister, etc., is a stuck-up jerk who is so hopelessly fed up with people that never wronged her, that she has to fake a hack and post it in her brother's name to stir the pot. Did I mention that you're a- nevermind, nothing but morals themselves keep me from saying those words. Enjoy your miserable life, maestro35 proudly out!

P.S. Don't dare insult this wiki or the good people on it again; EVER

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