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  • I live in SirComputerland
  • I was born on January 12
  • I am I'm a computer.
  • SirComputer

    I am pleased to announce LEGO Stories Wiki is open and LEGO Universe Stories Wiki has moved! Please edit your stories there. If your story has not been moved, please contact an admin on our Brickimedia wiki to have it moved.

    The journey has been long; it continues even better. Join us at for more great stories alongside Ninjago stories and eventually a lot more other LEGO theme-based stories.

    Thank you,

    SirComputer and ShermanTheMythran

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  • SirComputer

    LEGO Universe Stories Wiki and Ninjago Stories Wiki have now moved to LEGO Stories Wiki on Brickimedia. All stories are now being imported to and being given the prefix/namespace 'LEGO Universe:'. Thank you for joining us on Wikia, it has been great, but now it is time for us to move onto our own self-hosted wiki!

    Thank you,

    SirComputer (Owner of former Ninjago Stories Wiki) and ShermanTheMythran (Owner of former LEGO Universe Stories Wiki), co-owners of LEGO Stories Wiki

    Hello, I'm SirComputer, owner of the merging/forking wiki of LUSW (Ninjago Stories Wiki), as you may or may not know. If you don't know about us switching to Brickimedia, here's an update to get you up to speed: we've planned to merge together …

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