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LEGO Universe Stories Wiki and Ninjago Stories Wiki have now moved to LEGO Stories Wiki on Brickimedia. All stories are now being imported to and being given the prefix/namespace 'LEGO Universe:'. Thank you for joining us on Wikia, it has been great, but now it is time for us to move onto our own self-hosted wiki!

Thank you,

SirComputer (Owner of former Ninjago Stories Wiki) and ShermanTheMythran (Owner of former LEGO Universe Stories Wiki), co-owners of LEGO Stories Wiki

Hello, I'm SirComputer, owner of the merging/forking wiki of LUSW (Ninjago Stories Wiki), as you may or may not know. If you don't know about us switching to Brickimedia, here's an update to get you up to speed: we've planned to merge together on Brickimedia to form LEGO Stories Wiki, which will slowly expand to other LEGO themes. It is currently being developed at but please do not put stories there yet, but you can keep editing here!

Sherman and I are developing the wiki. Sherman is developing the skin, Quartz, since 1) I can't code and 2) I'd need to access the backend for a lot of things which I cannot. Due to all this, we are both going to be a bit inactive here, but not at LSW. If you want to take a look at what is going on, go to and

The other wiki, not merging with us, is the LEGO Message Boards Wiki. They are at They are also doing well. The other wikis are managed by Brickimedia, being Meta (the coordination wiki), Brickipedia (the LEGO wiki) and Customs (custom creations wiki).

It's happening! We hope you'll come along to. There is lots to contribute to on Meta, you can be a bugfinder, you could post a few blogs, or maybe just hang about. We'll keep you updated. We also have a lot of plans on Stories, so don't expect it to be done soon, but it won't take FOREVER.

In other news, I'm on a residential tommorow and I won't be back until the day after that.

Thank you, SirComputer

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