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aka The Eye of Sauron

  • I live in Barad-Dur, Mordor
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Ruling Middle-Earth
  • I am a giant eye that sees you.
  • TurboTheSetinel

    I'm actually working on my own LEGO games thingy, and it's going to be awesome! When I'm done, I'm going to play it with my family and friends. If that works, then I'll modify it for the wiki and let you guys play!

    Well, down to my personality (I left it out on the other blog). I tend to be silent in a public environment, and only talk openly in that social "loudmouth" way around good friends.

    Everybody who knows me really good recognizes me as a good leader (not that many people). In situations that require a strong leader, I step up. Some people are just really good followers. When I get in a group, I step up as the leader. If there's something wrong, then I figure it out. If I can't, then I go to the "higher-ups". I am tall, and people …

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    Once, in a land named Pinehurst, North Carolina, a boy was born. He was named Tyler.

    At a young age, he understood older concepts, such as stuff that's too boring to mention.

    Now, he's determined to win over a girl named Emma. But that's for another private chat.

    To the fun stuff!

    I've only lived in two houses: one in Pinehurst, and one in Carthage. The one that I live in currently, the one in Carthage, has a huge field around it, along with a pond in the back. Awesome, right? I mowed my field on a zero-turn for the first time today, and made plenty of circles in the field.

    Not really enough interesting things to talk about for now... Oh! I've got something for you!

    Fun Fact: I'm really 11. My parents said that I could have an account, and just…

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    The TTS Times

    September 27, 2012 by TurboTheSetinel

    Okay, so this is my second blog post. I thought about making it a news thingy, and that I did. But due to random activity, these posts are going to be random.

    First off, I'll be doing segments. Here I go.

    Quote of the day: "Mr. Shore, somebody left a clogger!". I chose this because my friend stepped into the bathroom for ten seconds and stepped out. We had just gotten back from lunch, the second class in fact. The other ones were getting back for the start of fourth period, when boom; he said that as loud as could be. The teacher was in the room, and the quote was in vain.

    Activity: Eh, school, homework and typing this right now. Fun P.E. today, I must say. One of the only two teams to win ultimate frisbee.

    Girls: I'm a boy, not much advice I …

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  • TurboTheSetinel

    First Blog Post

    September 14, 2012 by TurboTheSetinel

    Hi! I've decided out of all of the wikis that I considered to start this on, this was the one.

    I've never done a Blog Post before, so here I go.

    After returning to the wiki, I realized that Zackary had been editing some. This delighted me. Sadly, barely anyone has been on because of school. But I'm waiting for January 13th. Don't let me down, Zack.

    Also, I noticed and read the wiki's September news. I must complement the person who though up the new look of the wiki. It looks nice. And as I also may have implied before, I also agree that this is a slow month for the wiki.

    I know that this is awkward, but this is also my first Blog Post. Give me credit.

    For now, this is TTS (Who has a typo in his name).

    And yes, that is the wrong the template fo…

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