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Hi! I've decided out of all of the wikis that I considered to start this on, this was the one.

I've never done a Blog Post before, so here I go.

After returning to the wiki, I realized that Zackary had been editing some. This delighted me. Sadly, barely anyone has been on because of school. But I'm waiting for January 13th. Don't let me down, Zack.

Also, I noticed and read the wiki's September news. I must complement the person who though up the new look of the wiki. It looks nice. And as I also may have implied before, I also agree that this is a slow month for the wiki.

I know that this is awkward, but this is also my first Blog Post. Give me credit.

For now, this is TTS (Who has a typo in his name).Template:TongueSmiley

And yes, that is the wrong the template for it. And yes, there is no such template.

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