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So, guess what I found today?

... My first post on the message boards!

Here it is, right here. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

It was when I started my very first story (yep, my first post ever was part of a story Emote_Tongue.gif:P), which was about BIONICLE stuff. I'm actually writing a real-life version of it, and hoping to get it published.

So, I will be giving you guys a story for Halloween, a short little horror story. Hope you guys will like it. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

I just got back from a fall festival, which was tons of fun. I got to hang out with my friends, and we partied, and danced, and had hot chocolate, and rode on hay bales. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

So, I think I might do a Get to Know Me in my next post. What do you guys think?


Todays shoutout goes to....


Cassius was one my first fans, too, and I believe is a writer himself. I'll always remember him for how I tried to make his character a girl, because I didn't actually know his gender, and Cassius doesn't specify that, so then that was quite a typo in Paradox Seceding. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

Keep up the imagination, guys! This is SlyFireCobra, signing off for tonight.

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