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Okay, everyone, so the multi-writer contest I was talking about will be this very Friday on the message boards!

Look for the topic "Multi-Writer Auditions: Landscape", posted by me. Emote_Tongue.gif:P I'd love to see some of you guys try out for the story. It'll be a Post-Game Era story, which oughta be interesting, as while literally over three quarters of the Truths of the Universe series is in Post-Game Era, I never actually managed to get that far. Emote_Tongue.gif:P So, it'll also be my first story taking place in the future! Technically. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

I have gained orders from The Shermy Emote_Tongue.gif:P, and apparently, I now will be editing pages to death when I have the time. So, yes. Emote_Tongue.gif:P

Also, if any of you guys ever need to talk to me about something on chat, like story-planning, or a job you need me to do, send me a comment below, and I'll work out a time. Weekends and Thursdays are usually best for me.

By the way, I found a song that's just really catchy. It's like a mix of twenties music and modern techno music, and I can't get it out of my head. Emote_Tongue.gif:P It's called Catgroove, by Parov Stelar. Which, also, if anyone here really good with designing music electronically? Just asking. Emote_Tongue.gif:P Like, not just garage band, using the loops Apple gives you good, like actually being able to record and create music. Emote_Tongue.gif:P Reply if this is your area of specialty and you've got time, I may be looking into getting Truths of the Universe a theme. Emote_Tongue.gif:P


Today's shoutout goes to...


Like Turbo, he's one of my biggest and most loyal fans, and another fantastic author to boot. He's always hard-working, yet consistent with the people he's with and the things he does. Doesn't seem like the kind of guy who gives up. Emote_Smile.gif:)

Keep up the imagination, guys! This is SlyFireCobra, signing off for tonight.

ƵαɕkαɤɣЖ Faction coin paradox Paradox Extraordinaire

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