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Hey, wasup bros? Imma gangsta today! Yo! Emote_Tongue.gif:P

Alright, now to get down to beeswaxystuff (business Emote_Tongue.gif:P), as you can probably tell, I started looked ahead for this story. And I've come out with a schedule for it. Emote_Smile.gif:)

Release Dates

Friday, January the 11th, 2013: The Journey to the Nexus

Sunday, February the 17th, 2013: Paradox Seceding

Wednesday, March the 27th, 2013: The Fall of Typhonus

Thursday, May the 2nd, 2013: Legend of the Baying Wolf

Saturday, June the 8th, 2013: The Demon King

Monday, July the 15th, 2013: The Ruins of Nexus Tower

Tuesday, August the 20th, 2013: The Agency

Thursday, September the 26th, 2013: The Return of the Demon King, Part I

Sunday, November the 3rd, 2013: The Return of the Demon King, Part II

Monday, December the 9th, 2013: Hael Storm

Wednesday, January the 15th, 2014: The Journeys of Hael Storm

Saturday, February the 22nd, 2014: Knowledge of All Things Part I

Saturday, March the 1st, 2014: Knowledge of All Things Part II

Saturday, March the 8th, 2014: Knowledge of All Things Part III

Saturday, March the 16th, 2014: Knowledge of All Things Part IV

Just so you guys know, this schedule is not final. If things get changed around, or if I finish each book really fast, the schedule will be changed so you guys get the story a lot quicker. But for now, this schedule is what you should expect. To keep you entertained in the in between moments, I'll also be writing other stories, such as Servant of Shadows, Resonance of the Past, etc. This schedule should also work as an incentive for you guys to never retire. Emote_Tongue.gif:P Which brings me to another announcement:

The contest I was going to have for a multi-writer will no longer be for Brothers in Arms, as I believe I have my partner for it. Emote_Tongue.gif:P The contest will start next Friday, and it will be for a story called Landscape. Hope to see some good authors try out. Emote_Smile.gif:) Also, it'd be great to see more people on chat. Emote_Tongue.gif:P Just sayin'. Emote_Tongue.gif:P


Today's shoutout goes to:


Nightwing has always been a good friend on here, and is great with dealing with problems! He knows where boundaries are, and knows how to really make a character's personality come out in a story. He's a great guy to be around. Emote_Smile.gif:)

Keep up the imagination, guys! This is SlyFireCobra, signing off for tonight.

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